Who We Are - Leaders in Sustainable Packaging

Globe Guard® eco friendly packaging and shipping supplies come to you from Salazar Packaging, Inc. , one of the most trusted and respected sources for green corrugated and sustainable packaging materials in the U.S. With over sixty years of experience in the packaging industry, we decided to focus our efforts in the area of sustainable, eco-friendly packaging. We are now considered an innovator of green packaging products, as well as a market thought leader with dozens of articles, podcasts, and interviews to our credit.

What We Do - Eco Friendly Packaging You Can Trust

Our company strives to achieve four primary objectives while providing eco friendly packaging products to the market that are:

  • Equal to or better in terms of performance compared to non-green, standard products
  • Readily available with an easy to use, convenient ordering process
  • Priced competitively
  • Authentic. No green spin, no green washing, just the sustainable truth!

Globe Guard® products are carefully selected and represent the most eco friendly product options available. In some product categories the packaging materials available today are very green, such as our corrugated boards which are 100% recyclable. Our stock boxes all carry the Globe Guard® logo and a green message on the bottom, so your customers can take note of your commitment to the environment and to eco-consistency.

In other product categories, new materials able to provide better sustainable results are currently in development but we can assure you they will be available here on GlobeGuardProducts.com as soon as they are ready for market. Please sign up for our mail list so we are able to notify you of new product releases and special offers. You can expect straight answers and accurate information at GlobeGuardProducts.com because we will never exaggerate or misrepresent a product's eco benefit.

What We Believe - Sustainable Packaging and the Big Picture

When you make a purchase here, you are doing something positive for the planet. One percent of your total online purchase will be donated to 1% For the Planet, an organization that brings together over one thousand eco minded businesses that contribute to its support of deserving, qualified environmental organizations. We fully support 1% For the Planet efforts because we apply the "triple bottom line" approach to our business, measuring success in terms of people, planet, and profit. Let's work together to build a better world for ourselves and generations to come.

To learn more about packaging and the environment, and to share your thoughts and suggestions, please visit our industry leading blog, Inside Sustainable Packaging
Beyond Excellent Quality Stock Green Packaging Products

If you don't see what you need, or have a question, please contact us at contactus@GlobeGuardProducts.com for custom packaging products, printed corrugated boxes, and other eco friendly secondary packaging materials and equipment.

Thank you for visiting the Globe Guard® Store!

Dennis Salazar, President, Salazar Packaging, Inc.