Posted on January 25, 2024 by Michael Boik

4 Cost-Saving Packaging Options and Approaches

At Salazar Packaging, our industry-leading expertise and know-how is more than just a resource to make your packaging order experience as easy and painless as possible. Our guidance is really two-fold. Help ease your burden through the process, yes, but also find and share cost saving packaging ideas and strategies along the way.

Below are four packaging options that can help reduce or eliminate certain expected costs, from the pre-order process all the way through to fulfillment.


Pin Perforations

These are exactly as their name indicates, small perforations added with adjustments to a cutting die that can spell out letters on the board, or more commonly numbers like in the example photo here. These can be achieved to add a small amount of copy without the cost of a print plate. In cases where there may be many interchangeable inserts or parts that closely resemble one another, labeling each piece with a pin perf can not only make your fulfillment operation much easier/smoother, but it can result in substantial cost savings. When it comes to fulfillment companies, if you can reduce the amount of time spent assembling/packing your product, you can often reduce the amount of money you are paying them. The pin perfs are helpful and visible to your packaging/fulfillment people, while also being subtle and often unnoticeable by the customer/end user.


Flood Coats

We probably don’t write about it as much as we should, but a flood coat may still be one of the best bargains in the custom packaging business. As mentioned above, a print plate can be rather expensive, so if you are on the fence about adding color to your mailer box, consider a 1 color flood coat (edge to edge) as a cost-saving option. In most cases, we can add a solid color in virtually any PMS color to the inside or outside of a mailer box with a matte print plate at no added cost to you.


Free Inside Print

This is another feature we perhaps don’t cover enough, but if you do purchase an exterior print plate for a box, you can have some internal print essentially for no added cost, due to the way the box folds/assembles. You can see in the example here, the two exterior walls fold in and make up the side interior walls once the box is erected. These two sides are actually part of the outside print during production, so this does not add any additional production cost if you are already printing the outside of the box. This is a substantial savings when you consider that adding inside print on any other interior panels would require added print plate costs, as well as the possibility of higher per unit costs, depending on the graphics/specifics of the print.

Free Structural Design Services

We recently wrote a blog post about our free design services here, and it’s important to note that after 17 years, we remain one of the only companies in the industry that offers this service at little to no cost to the customer. One of the very first steps in our process is a no charge product and application review. In cases where the product may be fragile or there are multiple components being packaged, we want to dig in and see what we’re dealing with so that we can design the best possible solution, tailored to your needs.


Want to know more about cost-saving packaging options that could help your bottom line in 2024? Reach out to us via the links below and we’ll give you a full, no cost, no obligation review.


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