Posted on February 8, 2024 by Michael Boik

New Custom Padded Paper Mailer with Lower Minimums!

In 2020 we launched our first padded paper mailer product on this site, which used to be our stock webstore. This was an exciting greener alternative to traditional padded poly mailers. While the product was in high demand, we found that many customers wanted to customize the padded mailers with their own branding. Unfortunately, they could only do so at a truckload quantity minimum, which ranged between about 35,000 upward of 125,000 mailers depending on the mailer size. This is a VERY high minimum by anyone’s standards, and simply was not feasible for many businesses looking for custom packaging options.

NOW, we are proud to introduce a brand new padded paper mailer with lower minimums in 8 sizes. At 25,000 quantity regardless of size, we can now custom print with your logo, design, artwork and even complex graphics with a 6 color printing process.

Why Paper Instead of Poly?

For green-minded businesses who assumed they needed the protection of a padded poly mailer for their product, consider that the padded paper mailer provides the same (or better) level of protection during shipment, while also being the greener option. Our padded paper mailers are fully curbside recyclable for easy, hassle-free disposal. This product has passed puncture tests and drop tests to ensure its durability. The fluted interior is a cushion for your products to travel safely to their destination.

Why an Envelope Instead of a Box?

We are a box company, so we understand that some products require a box as the best packaging solution. But this is not true of all products. Consider that a box can be bulky and heavy when compared to an envelope, and will typically cost more to ship, store and create more waste/a larger carbon footprint. Sometimes an envelope truly is the perfect solution. If you can reduce excess packaging, while also reducing your bottom line packaging costs, that’s a win-win.

Other Benefits

  • Tamper-evident peel and seal strip
  • Easy open pull tab
  • Superior bursting security
  • No void fill needed
  • Ideal for books, clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, supplements and more


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