Posted on December 28, 2023 by Michael Boik

Custom Packaging Design for Beauty, and Skincare Products


As custom packaging design industry leaders for over 17 years, we know better than most how to create packaging solutions that overcome challenges. Most beauty and skincare products meet this criteria because they are often high-end, high quality or luxury items that require packaging that not only presents the product well, but also ensures it arrives safely and without damage. The packaging must rise to the level of the product it contains in order to exceed the customer’s expectations for that all important unboxing experience.

Depending on order quantity, there are virtually no limits to what solutions we can explore, and helping you to understand what options are available to you is part of the customer experience we are most proud of. The benefit of creating custom packaging from the ground up, is that we can tailor everything we do to your specific needs. There is only your product, your brand, along with your vision and our guidance.

Here are three upscale options which could really help your packaging standout.

Triple White Board

A popular and beautiful option to enhance the look of a mailer box, triple white board refers to the following combination: White outer liner, white inner liner and white fluting (medium). Double sided white board is quite common, but you can’t argue with the fact that triple white board looks clean, sleek, sharp and less-industrial. This option is fashion, not function, but it can really be eye-catching and a difference maker for a customer with an eye for beauty. Minimums will apply, as well as some added cost, but it may be more affordable than you think.

Litho Labels and Digital Prints

There’s no question that beautiful, creative and amazing prints can be achieved through flexographic printing, but it does have its limitations, especially in cases where numerous colors are needed (such as a gradian design), as well as any kind of glossy finishes, embossing, foil or soft-touch. With a litho label or digital print, there really is no limit to the graphic design that can be achieved, including photo-quality images. A great option to stand out above your competitors!

Custom Printed Inserts

It is rare that we create a custom shipper box for a beauty/skincare product without also designing a custom insert to hold the folding carton, bottle or tube being shipped. The mailer and insert often go hand in hand in providing security/stability for the product to ensure that everything arrives as intended and the customer unboxing experience is everything it should be. As is true of the mailer box, inserts can be printed as well, including digitally, and can be incorporated into the packaging in a number of ways, including built-into the box itself, or interchangeable to accommodate a variety of different product sizes or configurations.

Whether you are just starting your beauty and skincare business or are looking for a long-overdue redesign for a longstanding brand, we are the experts who can help you achieve your packaging goals!


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