Posted on December 6, 2023 by Michael Boik

Low-Cost Packaging Redesign Options for 2024

The start of a new year often brings about the promise of good things to come, and innovative ways of keeping a brand fresh and exciting. Exploring options for packaging redesign concepts is common in the early months, and many businesses, whether they’ve been around for decades or are a newer company, are eager to know what it may cost to incorporate some changes.

A redesign, when done well, can serve to both reinforce and reinvigorate an already successful, trusted and recognizable brand, while also avoiding the possibility of becoming outdated, tired or maybe no longer reflecting the company you have grown into. As you evolve, so too must your packaging.

Below are some low-cost packaging redesign options that can be incorporated painlessly!

Low-Cost Ink Color Changes

This is probably the most basic and frankly, easiest of all redesign options because the only difference from a manufacturing standpoint is ordering a different ink color. This typically results in no change in cost to go from blue to green, for example, unless there is something specific about the ink that could add cost, such as a varnish or coating that would need to be added to keep the ink from rubbing off (more on that here).

Low-Cost Board Color Changes

While similar to the above, board colors will affect cost slightly, as kraft brown board will be lower in cost than white board. However, the cost difference is minimal, usually around 4-8% per side (inside/outside). It is important to keep in mind that not all designs that print well on white board can also be printed on kraft board, specifically when it comes to certain ink colors, so this redesign option will depend on several factors to determine the feasibility.

Low-Cost Art/Print/Graphic Design Changes

When printing corrugated boxes with flexographic equipment, a print plate is required to transfer the ink to the board. This is typically a one-time expense, provided you are not changing the artwork or box size. However, the vast majority of our customers do change their artwork/graphics from time to time for various reasons. The cost for a new print plate is roughly $600-800 on average, which will entirely depend on factors such as the number of colors printed, the box size, and the overall ink coverage. Consider that once you do purchase a new print plate, you may run that design on a reorder at no added cost to you.

Low-Cost Structural Design Changes

As far as redesign options go, this one tends to fly under the radar. Perhaps the reason is because marketing tends to think visually, and a visual change often leads to the above paragraph with graphic and art-related changes. But the value of a structural design change can go far beyond any of the previously mentioned options, because you can impact so many other areas of your business. If, for example, you reduce your box size, or change your board thickness from B flute to E flute, your packaging becomes smaller and/or lighter, resulting in reduced shipping costs from us to you and from you to your customers. This could also result in lower storage costs. Or perhaps your redesign is to come up with an easier to assemble insert, which results in cost savings during fulfillment. Consider also the effect it may have on your customers if you were to add a peel and seal component to your mailer, or add an insert that reduces product damages and product returns. The impact and benefits are numerous and far reaching.

Whatever redesign option you choose, we have seen and done it all, and we know how to help reduce your costs as you take a path towards better packaging! Inquire below today.

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