Posted on October 2, 2013 by Michael Boik

Branded Packaging Options

Custom printed mailer envelopes with a one case minimumGratefully, we are very well known for our custom printed and branded die cut mailer boxes as well as RSC style shipping boxes. We have helped to create a lot of really attractive and unique corrugated box designs. However, corrugated boxes are just one of the many different types of custom printed packaging we offer. A few other popular forms of branded packaging we produce include:

Custom Printed Mailer Envelopes

A customer favorite for custom printing because of the very low (one case) minimum is our unpadded paper mailers available in white or natural Kraft. They are also available in a variety of flat and gusseted sizes. The art and print plate cost is usually minimal at around $125 per color which is very low compared to the pre-press costs of other packaging product options.

We can also custom print poly mailer envelopes, however the minimum and plate costs are much higher.

Custom printed paper board packagingCustom Printed Paper Board Packaging

With a seemingly endless list of board type and board grade options, paper folding cartons can range from a very simple print design to as sophisticated as you can imagine. This is a popular product for retail display and depending on a number of factors, the minimums vary yet typically start at 2,000 boxes. Cutting die and art/plate costs can be expensive so this is usually not a good solution for short run or one time applications.


Custom printed tape made easyCustom Printed Tape

There are times when utilizing custom printed paper tape rather than custom printed boxes is more cost effective. Generally, tape is the better option when the number of different box sizes is four or more.  Every application is different and we will be glad to discuss your particular needs.

Custom printed tape is relatively inexpensive, but the minimum we can print is six cases (10 rolls per case), which is a lot of tape. The pre-press charges are very affordable but the minimum makes it a substantial investment, especially for a new or start-up company.

white, Kraft or custom printed rigid boxesRigid Boxes

These are another favorite for retail display applications. Essentially you have a lid and a base, either of which can be “wrapped” in whatever type of paper (printed or unprinted) you choose. The minimum is relatively low at 1,000 boxes, as are the art and plate costs.

Whether you are looking for an eye-catching, brand reinforcing packaging container to ship your products in, or a design that will display your product on a retail shelf, we have a solution for you.

Please contact Salazar Packaging for a no cost, no obligation, and confidential discussion about your packaging requirements.

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