Posted on June 8, 2016 by Michael Boik

Change the Look of Your Subscription or E-commerce Box by Changing Board or Ink Colors

Black to purple on white for a totally new lookThe best part of making this change is that there is little or no cost to changing either the board color or the ink color(s) we print on your box.

Why Change Colors of your Custom Printed Shipping Box?

It could be a total new look that perhaps includes a logo change or an overall color palette change. Late last year we decided our logo and tag line needed updating and made the change resulting in great customer response. Brands evolve over time and you do not have to live with something you are less than pleased with or is outdated.

You may have a seasonal or promotional reason to change the color of your boxes. Or like one of our friends shown below, different colors for different products and customers. Other people do it for inventory control and keeping stock and their look “fresh”.

If you do NOT change copy or the size of the copy, we can use the print plates you already own and there is absolutely no cost to making the switch from one color to another or possibly to add different color schemes to the product line.

pink on white and on KraftWhen do you Change Board Colors of your Custom Printed Shipping Box?

Basically, any time you want to. White board has a slight upcharge (usually 5 to 6% in or out) but it tends to make bright colors pop and can change the whole look of any custom printed box.

Others go the opposite way from a white box because that is what they have always used and bought from that large, on line catalog company we all know, to brown (Kraft) board. Kraft is greener (higher recycled content percentage) and also arrives to your customers looking cleaner because it tends to hide scuffs and shipping wear that is much more obvious on white.

Change in Ink Color Policy

Up to now the minimum for using any custom PMS/Pantone color has been 5,000 but changes in process and ink availability enables us to reduce that MOQ to 3,000 for most applications. All of the standard GCMI colors are still available for shorter runs, but if that unique green or pink is an important part of your brand, you can now get it. Same copy, three different colors inside

Keep in mind this does not change what can and can’t be printed using a flexographic print process and many “web” graphic designs can be problematic. As always, when in doubt please read the “flexo friendly” post below or contact us. We can quickly review your design and guide you to the best process.

Whether you are a current Salazar Packaging customer or not, we can still help you create a new look with color or a totally new design and rebrand. Feel free to contact us at Salazar Packaging or call us at 630-551-1700 for free advice and guidance from one of our branded packaging experts.

Giving your subscription box or e-commerce packaging a face lift is easier, less expensive and quicker than you probably imagine.

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