Posted on October 29, 2014 by Michael Boik

Cratejoy Selects Salazar Packaging and Globe Guard Products for Promo Box

Cratejoy printed RSC boxIf you own/manage a subscription box program, you probably already know Cratejoy as a company who can help you accomplish everything you need to do, from web design to inventory, and account management. Certainly there is more to running a successful subscription program than it may appear, and Cratejoy is uniquely qualified to walk you through the entire process.

Recently when they decided they needed a unique, custom printed box for their own promotion and were short of time, they asked us at Salazar Packaging to help them create and manufacture their box beautifully and quickly.

Custom Printed RSC boxes       

Even though most of our subscription box customers choose to use a die cut mailer (top tuck or front lock) shipping box for more of a presentation look, an RSC was ideal for this application because it was something we could turn around quickly, with no tooling investment required such as a cutting die. With only a small investment in a print plate, we were still able to provide them with copy on every surface, creating an eye catching, totally finished look.

An RSC style box does not require an investment in a custom size cutting die, and more importantly in this case, it also eliminated a delay. From finished art, within ten work days, we had 1,000 (minimum) printed boxes ready to ship to Cratejoy for their promo. That is quite different than companies who require a very high minimum and then take weeks to deliver a finished product.

Cratejoy box - top viewWhat is the best box for your subscription box program?

We can help you determine that and you may be surprised at the answer. For some applications a die cut box is ideal and for others an RSC style box will more than satisfy the need. Most recently we have also done several subscription “box” programs that utilize custom printed mailer envelopes. Our unpadded paper mailer envelopes have a very low one case, minimum, reduce cost, space and shipping weight, and are perfect for soft goods that do not require the protection a box offers.

We are one company with many solutions, for the box and for interior packaging as well. You can call us at 630-551-1700 or contact Salazar Packaging via email for a confidential and free discussion on your unique packaging needs.

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