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We continue to be one of the leading sources in the country for custom printed mailer boxes because of our low cost (usually less expensive than labels) and our low minimums (1,000 boxes) but mostly due to our experience. We take the fear and headache out of custom printing on stock mailer boxes by making the process quick and easy.

Custom box pricing within a few hours and shipment in about two weeks.

This sounds incredible to people who have never worked with us before but the fact is that in most cases, after you provide us with finished artwork, we can create a printing plate for one of our stock boxes and ship a complete order within two weeks.

Here are the steps we will walk you through:

  1. Select a size and style (front lock versus top tuck) from our list of stock die cut mailers. Two new sizes are coming soon but you can see current sizes that are available here:
  2. Decide if you want Kraft or white board. 99% of our customers prefer Kraft because it is 100% recycled content; however, white and coated corrugated board options are also available.
  3. Tell us how many and which colors you would like to print inside and/or out from our wide selection of stock colors with no ink color up charge.
  4. Utilize the template we provide to complete your art work layout.
  5. Review and approve the color swatches and proof.

That’s it. All that is left is to admire the end result of your new custom printed boxes when they arrive.

Free Custom Printing Analysis

If you are contemplating utilizing custom printed packaging for your branding efforts, please do not hesitate to contact us for a no cost, no obligation review of your requirements. You are sure to have one of our experienced people help you to make an informed decision.

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