Posted on December 3, 2015 by Michael Boik

FAQ about Subscription Box and E-commerce Kitting

subscription box or e-commerce 24 pack with partitionsRecently someone referred to us as the “kitting experts” and even though we have done a lot of this type of packaging design work, I doubt anyone can claim expert status in an area as complex and as diverse as this one.

Whether you are sending out razors and razor blades, e-juice, snack foods, or feminine hygiene products, every application is a little different and the questions are many. Here are a few that are asked often:

What exactly is “kitting”?

We define kitting as the shipping of multiple components or products in the same box. The products may all be the same size and shape (example – a K-cup coffee assortment) or they can be of various sizes and shapes (example – a shaving kit)

How can I handle a variety of product sizes and shapes?

That is a difficult question to answer without knowing the product as well as the size and shape variables. As you can see below we can engineer solutions for most applications and they options range from very custom to loose fill.

e-commerce or subscription die cut corrugated insertWhat if the products being shipped change month to month?

Again, depending on the range, multiple internal product solutions and even multiple size shipping boxes MIGHT be the best answer. More on that below, especially on how right sizing your packaging can result in substantial shipping cost reductions.

What internal/protective packaging options do I have? Much depends on the amount of protection that is required by the product being shipped. A glass or fragile product might require foam or molded pulp. A molded plastic tray might be a better solution for less fragile products where open presentation is preferred. We rarely find an application where we can’t design a die cut corrugated to contain, immobilize and display any type of product. For other applications, simple, low cost partition may be the best answer.

What are the packaging minimums?

They vary depending on the material and design but typically our MOQ is 1,000 for any shipping container or internal packaging. Obviously cost is reduced as order size increases and onetime art, print plate, or cutting die charges may apply.

What about branding options?

Almost every product we offer can be custom printed and branded. A small sampling of our box and mailer envelope work can be seen on our web site gallery but every form of container and most internal packaging options are available with your brand or logo printed on them.

What is the biggest challenge and cost in shipping kits?

Without a doubt, it is balancing the esthetic requirements and presentation in relationship to the practical or requirements such as box weight, box size, shipping cost, etc. Obviously operations and marketing will always have different expectations and objectives but we usually figure out a way to make everyone happy. The common goal is to increase sales and minimizing your carbon footprint as well as your packaging and shipping cost, is a great way to make that happen. For example, reducing your shipping cost by $2.00 per box may enable you to offer free or minimal shipping charges to your customers and that typically results in additional and larger size orders.

How can I best determine what are the best options for our application?

First and foremost, avoid self-diagnosis. Unless you have very experienced people on staff, securing an outside perspective is highly recommended. Our people have worked with hundreds of companies and products so chances are we can help you identify the best path forward and help you create new packaging with a few short weeks. The process does not have to be painful or time consuming if you select the right partner to work with you.

Please contact us via email at Salazar Packaging or call us at 630-551-1700. One of our people will be glad to help you get started.


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