Posted on April 5, 2017 by Michael Boik

Reusable Packaging Box Sealer


One of the reusable packaging products available on our online stock webstore, Globe Guard Products that often generates  a variety of questions and interest is our Reusable Box Sealer. Just recently we have had numerous green-minded customers who have inquired both online and over the phone about the product and its application. It’s an ideal solution for anyone trying to save cost and more effectively manage their warehouse inventory or manufacturing process, as its unique design is perfect for temporary closure of boxes with need for easy reopen and access.


Another eco-friendly packaging Solution from Globe Guard Products Reusable Packaging

As an effective and eco-friendly alternative to tape or other adhesive, bands or staples, the Reusable Box Sealer makes every box a reusable box. It slips on between the two main (larger) flaps of an RSC style box, temporarily holding them in a closed position for storage or other uses until the need to reopen. Not only does the reduction or elimination of tape and other materials mean big bottom line savings, it also results in a box that will have not undergone the damage and destruction typical of these sealing materials, meaning a higher probability the box will be reused, extending the life of the box. It also allows for the saving of both time and labor, not only in the sealing process, but also in avoiding the use of knives or cutters to reopen.


The Globe Guard Reusable Box Sealer is available in both 20 and 50 piece cases for immediate shipment directly on our online webstore   Globe Guard Products. Bulk orders can also be accommodated by calling 630-551-1700 or contacting Salazar Packaging with any questions you may have regarding reusable packaging or other products.