Posted on November 28, 2013 by Michael Boik

Holstee Proves Basic Black Graphics Can be Green and Effective

Holstee one color on Kraft stock mailerSo much has been said recently about how colorfully we are able to print our corrugated boxes, the fact our boxes are green and eco-friendly is nearly forgotten. Most of our brown die cut mailers are still made of 100% recycled content and most of our brown RSC style shipping boxes remain 100% PCW recycled content.

When we print them, we use only water based inks, making all of our boxes 100% recyclable, biodegradable, repulpable and even compostable. Compared to many packaging and shipping alternatives, there truly is no better, greener or more ecofriendly packaging container or solution.

The Packaging Should “Fit” the Product and not Just Dimensionally

Depending on the product and the market you are attempting to appeal to, there is nothing wrong with bright colors, wild prints on the outside as well as the inside of a corrugated shipping box. However, if the product is natural or “back to basics,” a more subtle graphic approach might be a wiser choice. We still refer to that as being eco-consistent which is simply: your packaging should always reflect your values as well as your marketing.

While we love some of the great multi-color prints we have done, in fashion they often say basic black always looks good and the same holds true in printing corrugated, especially natural, brown, Kraft corrugated.

Perhaps it is the contrast of the black ink against the variable, natural brown background and the way it makes copy and images standout. Or perhaps it is because of the way we can utilize plates and screens to produce multiple shades while only using one low cost color of ink and only one print plate.

Back of Holstee woodgrain boxThe Holstee Story

If you check out you will see some things you are not likely to find at any mall or even on other web sites. They make their own unique artistic designs (check out the very neat Holstee Manifesto) of artistic greeting and note cards.

In fact, the cards they make are so attractive that it is a shame and waste to tuck them away in a drawer or a shoe box in a closet. Hence the Reclaim Frame that makes it easy to display a card and be able to insert and remove a card without having to disassemble the frame. If you watch the Reclaim Frame video on their site, you will be impressed by the design, as well as the care and quality they put into every frame.

One of the things that makes the Reclaim Frame so unique is that it is made of 100% reclaimed wood, not only making it green, but also giving each frame a unique personality. When it came time to select a corrugated box for the Reclaim Frame, they wanted a box that also reflected their values and quality.

They chose a Globe Guard® 100% recycled content die cut mailer with a very natural looking, “wood grain” design in black. The box is attractive and fits their product beautifully in terms of size and message.

If you are looking for a unique holiday gift, check out the products offered at If you want a shipper box that communicates a consistent, positive message, please contact Salazar Packaging for a review of your needs.

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