Posted on December 9, 2015 by Michael Boik

Photo Barn: Packaging Solutions for Cool, Creative Products

Photo cube or ornament gift box and one packIf you are looking for very unique holiday gift ideas, please check out Their wide assortment of custom printed and custom size wooden products presented us at Salazar Packaging a presentation and protection challenge, especially when you consider the different quantities a customer might order.

Photo Cubes and Ornaments

Two very popular products typify this packaging challenge, because a customer can potentially buy as few as one, the very popular four pack, as many as sixteen or anything in between.

The goal was to create shipper boxes and internal packaging that would not only look good for the customer, but also be efficient to pack during their very busy holiday rush. The answer was to create a small, die cut mailer that we could use with a custom die cut insert for one unit sales, or with a low cost, preassembled partition, quickly pack the popular four pack in the same mailer box. (See photos)

Photo Barn cube 4 pack with partitionsThe neat part is being able to create and use a larger mailer box and a larger four cell partition that can contain four of the smaller partition sets, creating an attractive, secure 16-pack.

Custom Branded Packaging that is Efficient and Economical

Labor cost is not always about saving dollars and cents, it may also be about saving time, especially for a business as seasonal as Photo Barn. In this case two different size mailer boxes, two different partition sets and one die cut insert, give them incredible packaging versatility. The right shipping container is always in stock, always available and packs quickly to get those last minute holiday orders out the door.

What is the right combination of packaging products for your product line? Ask one of the experienced people at Salazar Packaging. Together we can help you enhance your customer’s experience, while minimizing your labor and material cost. It does not have to cost a fortune or take months to deliver the right solution for you.wooden photo ornament 16 pack

Please contact us at or call us at 630-551-1700 for some expert guidance to help you make an informed decision you will be thrilled with.

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