Posted on February 17, 2016 by Michael Boik

Rigid Wall Boxes – A Packaging Option for Sports Team Collectibles

Rigid Box with windowWhen the Cleveland Cavaliers recently needed a gift or presentation box for a team flag they were planning to give to select members, they found Salazar Packaging, a certified green and certified MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) company. In their search they found a number of packaging companies that satisfied their diversity requirements but very few with the capabilities and experienced offered by Salazar Packaging.

Even though we are best known for the great work we do in corrugated design and branding, a quick discussion helped us to determine that a rigid wall box made of paperboard, with a die cut window would best satisfy their needs.

The end result was amazing as you can see from the photos below. Our sincere thanks and appreciation to the Cavs for allowing us to work on this project with them.

Rigid paper board boxesWhat is a rigid wall box?

This is one of the most confusing packaging products available because it is technically a carton, not a box. Cartons are usually made of paperboard (example – folding carton) and boxes are typically constructed of corrugated board. To add to the confusion, rigid wall boxes are also called rolled edge, or set up cartons or boxes.

I typically describe them as the boxes that we are used to seeing puzzles and games in, though the higher end versions are made to hold everything from jewelry to expensive candy. They have also gained great popularity as “keeper” or keepsake boxes for box within a box presentation of e-commerce and subscription boxes.

Rigid Wall Boxes – Providing Almost Endless Design Options

The board used to construct this style of boxes can be colored inside or outside but what really makes them unique is the ability to wrap (exterior) or line (interior) both top and base with just about any type or texture of paper. Since the paper is offset or digitally printed, no expensive flexographic print plates are needed, and just about any image including photo quality graphics, can be printed on the paper before it is laminated to the inside or outside of the rigid wall box. It is also important to note that unless a window or special feature is required, most rigid wall boxes are made WITHOUT tooling or cutting dies, reducing the initial usual “start-up” costs.

What Rigid Wall Boxes Are Not

They are not shipping boxes. They do require an external shipping container to protect them whether you ship via UPS, USPS or FedEx. Besides that, most rigid wall boxes are so attractive, you would not want to place a label or sealing tape on their surface.

They are also not folding cartons, or knock down boxes, meaning they do not ship flat. This will impact (inbound) shipping costs as well as storage space required.

What is the best packaging container for you?

We will be glad to help you determine that by discussing every facet of your packaging operation as well as your objectives. Whether your focus is on reducing shipping cost, enhancing your customer experience, or simply getting the product to your customer undamaged, we have the knowledge and resources to help you do that.

Contact us at Salazar Packaging or call us at 630-551-1700 for a free consultation with one of our BPA’s (Branded Packaging Advisors). We are confident we have the solutions to guide you to the most effective, lowest cost packaging option for your specific needs.

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