Posted on December 17, 2020 by Michael Boik

Ta-Da Box™-Unique Concepts in DTC Packaging

About 3 months ago we wrote a blog post on unique and memorable custom-shaped die cut boxes. That post, which can be read here, we believe, was in many ways a trailblazer for countless more unique concepts in DTC packaging. When it comes to packaging, there is often not a one size fits all solution, and many times the solution may in fact be a brand new size, style, concept or function of the traditional mailer that presents that all important “unboxing experience” in a whole new way.

The Ta-Da Box is a perfect example of innovative packaging design that maximizes the customer experience to deliver the crucial WOW factor, while maintaining the green aspects that you and your customer value. Featuring a unique snap-open style, your customer will be sure to remember their unboxing moment.


Unique Concepts in DTC PackagingEco-Friendly Features

It can be said of all of our corrugated mailer boxes, but the Ta-Da Box is no exception in that they are 100% curbside recyclable and made from recycled content which will vary, but typically fall in the 30-70% range. Of course, 100% recycled content or FSC Certified board may also be possible if requested, but higher minimums may apply. Our inks are eco-friendly, water based inks, so customization and branding should not affect the greenness of the Ta-Da Box.

Most importantly, and by far the greenest aspect of the Ta-Da Box is the amount of board saved as compared to a traditional die cut mailer. For example, for a product that is roughly 9 x 9 x 5’’, the blank size of a traditional mailer will be something around 40 x 35’’, whereas the Ta-Da Box will be approximately 24 x 32’’. This is almost a 45% difference, in terms of square footage. Translation: The Ta-Da Box requires nearly half of the board than that of a traditional mailer of the same size. This means less scrap, less waste, and as you will see below, MORE savings to you.


Pricing, Minimums and Customization

At a low 1,000 piece minimum, the Ta-Da Box can be made to your specific size requirements, or custom printed with your branding. A variety of print options may be available to you, including traditional flexographic, digital, or litho label. However, higher minimums may apply, depending on the specific design or application. Various fluting, board colors and board grades may also be available. Keep in mind a new size would require tooling costs, and printing will require onetime print plate costs for a flexographic design. However, a Ta-Da Box may almost certainly be lower in cost on a per unit basis compared to a traditional mailer, due to the reduced amount of board needed. Tooling costs may be less expensive by comparison as well.

Please inquire with us via the contact link below for your specific needs so that we can give you the most accurate information and pricing on this brand new sustainable packaging design!


Click HERE to see the Ta-Da Box in action


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