Posted on November 19, 2014 by Michael Boik

Save Money and Reduce Damage with Branded Shipping Box Sizes

PIcky Bars barsWe understand print plates and when necessary, cutting dies, can be costly especially when you are in startup mode. Quite often we will suggest consolidating box sizes to minimize the number of different size boxes a new customer may have to buy, store and use. This is very good advice especially when the usage/volume history has not been determined yet. There is nothing worse than creating a custom size or custom print box and then realizing you have little need for it.

The Benefits of Using Multiple Size Branded Boxes

While it seems I discourage the use of multiple size boxes, I also have to add that there are situations where using multiple size boxes not only makes sense, it is almost mandatory.

Such is the case with our good friends at Picky Bars, a neat company that makes a delicious product line of nutritional snack bars. Check out their site. The product is delicious and the site is very, very cool with some great photography.

We recently helped them to create three different box sizes for them to fit three different products:

Small – 12 bar box
Medium – 18 bar box (or 12 bars and a promotional rolled up tee shirt)
Large – 24 bar box (or 18 bars and a promotional rolled up tee shirt)

As you can see, this combination of box sizes gives them a great deal of flexibility on what they send out to their customers.

They could have taken the “one size fits all” approach and simply ordered only the largest box but when they analyzed the benefits of multiple boxes they realized they would:

  • Of course, reduce the cost by using smaller individual boxes.
  • Reduce the cost of inbound shipping
  • Reduce the cost of outbound shipping
  • Eliminate the cost and need for ancillary cushioning or void fill packaging
  • Minimize the possibility of product damage in shipment

Picky bar, 12, 18 and 24 bar mailer boxesObvious versus Not So Obvious Benefits

The first three items above are fairly obvious and easy to quantify. The last two points are very real, but not nearly as easy to determine the value versus the cost. After all, what is the cost of a disappointed customer whose product arrives damaged? What is the cost of packing and shipping replacement products? What if they feel your packaging is excessive because you used a much larger box than you really needed to?

The key to preventing internal damage is immobilizing the product to avoid “product to product” damage. That is why a good, snug fit is so important. The other option is to use packing or cushioning materials such as foam, bubble packaging or God forbid – packaging peanuts. Depending on the specific application, some of these products may hold the product still, they also add cost, labor, and have to be disposed of by the package recipient.

So you can see that there are situations when using different size boxes is the right thing to do. However, whether you need a series of six boxes or just one, your project is important to us. We begin the process with a discussion of your needs and we end it with your delight when you see the finished product and your new branded look.

Please contact us at Salazar Packaging or call us at 630-551-1700 for a confidential application review by an experienced packaging specialist.

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