Posted on July 31, 2013 by Michael Boik

Shipping Boxes for “Meals by Mail” Programs

Plated front lock die cut mailer box

Busy people or those with special dietary needs are a growing market for home food delivery. Whether you are shipping complete meals or just a few ingredients, there are myriad options in packaging and shipping.

A prime example is that delivers every ingredient you need to prepare a great meal at home, without the hassle of shopping for the various ingredients. We have tried a few of their chef inspired dishes and they are tasty, portioned well, and a tremendous convenience for a couple of busy empty nesters.

As the name would imply, taking a more health focused approach is who also delivers great tasting meals to your door step. Their program is ideal for someone on a portion controlled diet program.

Bistro MD cooler shipper, white on KraftPackaging Options for Food

What both of these companies have in common is their desire to make their packaging as ecofriendly as possible. Not a small or easy task considering when moisture resistance and/or temperature control are requirements.  However, a good start is using Globe Guard® 100% post-consumer waste (PCW) RSC style shipping boxes or Globe Guard® recycled content die cut mailers.

There are many factors to be considered including required temperature, shipping time, insulation required, barrier properties, cushioning and protective packaging components but for the purpose of this post, let’s just look a primary decision that most shippers have to make – do I use a die cut mailer, or an RSC style shipping box?

RSC versus Die Cut corrugated boxes

An RSC box is always going to be the most economical packaging container because it minimizes scrap and waste. It is also relatively inexpensive to print, especially in one or two colors and the boxes require no tooling or cutting dies. That permits total flexibility in terms of sizes as the food product line changes and grows.

A die cut mailer can be a top tuck, front lock, or pizza box style shipper so costs vary a great deal. (See link at end of this post). However, what all styles of die cut mailers offer a “presentation” look that more closely resembles a cooler or storage box. As one customer put it, “I don’t want my box to look like it came from the office supply store.” In addition to great exterior panels for branding, it can also be printed inside, or “can’t miss” offers and information can be easily glued to the inside surface of the hinged lid. Die cut mailers are a marketing person’s dream because this style of box provides many ways to create a positive and long lasting impression.

 Plated RSC shipping box Expert Guidance is a Phone Call or E-Mail Away!

There are many different ways to lay out a box and we have the experience to help you avoid costly mistakes. More importantly, we have the ability to help you avoid a potential negative that can result from all of the packaging required that may appear excessive to the untrained eye. “Packaging that Communicates” is one of our primary focuses and we can make sure your packaging is saying something your customers will appreciate.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to discuss your specific application and needs.

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