Posted on June 17, 2015 by Michael Boik

Shipping Boxes that WOW with Bright, Flood Coat Printing

stock 8-9-4 box printed in and out

As the late night radio deejays used to say – The hits just keep on coming! We can relate to that in the area of great looking, custom printed e-commerce and subscription boxes. We continuously help new customers create packaging that communicates; sometimes sweet and softly, other times, loud and boldly. One of the ways to help accomplish that is with a flood ink coverage that creates an eye-catching overall color tone to any graphic art design.

What is a flood coat print?

Definitions may differ, but for us it is an edge to edge print of any one color, with 75% or more ink coverage. In most cases it is printed over white and the copy is reverse printed, creating a two color look with only one ink color and one print plate delivering maximum color bang for the money!

In other cases a color can be totally flood coat printed over 100% of the board surface and a second or third color can be over printed for a totally different look.

Here are a few examples of e-commerce and subscription boxes that WOW!

My wife and partner discovered last year that she has become allergic to gluten so this box is of great interest to her and so many other sufferers. To create a unique and memorable impression these people used green over a white exterior and a unique three color look inside. (Shown above)  Check it out, it looks great!

E-flute box with  flood coat

This is a subscription box that focuses on the skin care side of makeup and has some great new products for their subscribers. They used a unique base print and a sharp, dark over print to create the classy finish they wanted. They also selected thinner yet strong E-flute board, for a more retail (less industrial) look.

9-6-3 box with hot pink flood

Recently we have helped a number of customers create domestic subscriber boxes that provide people with imported products such as candy or snacks. This is a new one, also focused on cosmetic products but all of the beauty products they offer come from Korea. They selected a hot pink over white reverse print, also in E-flute board. The end result is playful and attractive.

We are very proud of our customers and the work we do for them. There are few companies as focused on enhancing the customer’s experience as we are. Please contact Salazar Packaging for more information or call us at 630-551-1700 for a no cost, no obligation and confidential application review.

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