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The Unboxing Experience in Style!


About 6 months ago we received an inquiry from a company called SoChatti. Their remarkable brand and products sparked our initial interest, and what followed was a review of their current packaging to determine what possibilities existed to improve and overcome challenges where needed. This produced immediate seeds of thought for how to best display and protect their products in a unique way so that their customers could fully appreciate the SoChatti unboxing experience. Several design concepts later, the end result is even better than we anticipated, and we’re very eager to see what comes next for their business and packaging future.


Graphics that POP With Digital Printing

When SoChatti contacted us, they were ready to move on from their process of applying stickers to plain white stock boxes and design graphics and a more premium look consistent with their brand, product and overall message to their customers. Initially we produced samples of digital printing on mottled white board, but ultimately they decided they liked the look of digital print on Kemi (coated) board the best for their graphics. You can read more about that comparison of white board options on our digital blog here.

As is often the case with projects, for SoChatti, the graphics determined the best application, printing method, and ultimately, board type. Their design presented photo quality images, and could not be printed with flexographic equipment. Digital printing was a more cost-effective approach than a litho label, and Kemi coated board ended up presenting their design and colors with POP and enough of a sheen/gloss to really deliver the WOW factor.

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Custom Inserts for Protection and Presentation

There were two separate packaging configurations which needed to be addressed, both a tasting kit arrangement and a warmer kit—each with their own unique products and challenges.

When SoChatti first sent us product, there were visible cracks in the porcelain ramekins from the spoons moving/shifting during transit and likely bumping into them, causing significant damage. We determined the best solution was to separate the spoons and place them on top with a very simple insert, while also dividing the ramekins to prevent product to product impact during shipment.

The next challenge was to completely eliminate the need for messy and unattractive shredded paper void fill. The solution was a divider which could prop up and display the chocolate pouches while also ensuring a snug and safe transit that minimizes movement at all times during shipment.

Finally, the greatest obstacle to overcome was to create a means of securing the heaviest product, the warmer, for which we designed a corrugated insert that could support the size and weight of the warmer.

There is no doubt SoChatti has a remarkable product and vision, and we were glad to share in the process of bringing that vision to life with a memorable and unique unboxing experience.

If you want to have an unbelievable chocolate experience, please visit the SoChatti website for more information or read more about their company history here.

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