Posted on May 20, 2013 by Michael Boik

Stride – a really great subscription program for runners!

8X5X2.75 die cut mailerWe have been fortunate to help many subscription marketing companies deliver their products safely to their customers in attractive, eye catching boxes. The most recent and most unusual one we are proud to add to our fast growing list of happy customers is .

They send their subscribers, as their home page says, – stuff runners want. Check out their web site and on their blog you will find a post titled “The Running Boom – An InfoGraphic” that shares some really interesting statistics including the fact that last year, over one million runners FINISHED their long distance (5K or more) races. That surprising figure obviously does not include casual runners who don’t finish or people like me who never get started. Regardless, the sport is still growing rapidly and Stride Box is the first program we have seen that caters specifically to that consumer.

Quality and Image Begins With a Sharp Looking Box

Everything about the Stride Box communicates quality, from the carefully selected products to the way they are packed into the custom size, custom (one color) printed shipping box. The box is eco-friendly and is a Globe Guard® 100% recycled content box that is printed with water based inks making it 100% recyclable.

The nice people at Stride Box had a very clear image of what they wanted their box to look like and we were very pleased to help them create it.

If you need a custom printed die cut mailer box for shipping your product or for your subscription box program, please contact us for a no cost, no obligation review of your application.

We would also encourage you to visit our corrugated mailer section of our Globe Guard green packaging store to see the list of box sizes that we can custom print for you very quickly and less expensively than you might imagine. You may also find the list of related blog posts interesting and worth your time to read.

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