Posted on March 20, 2013 by Michael Boik

The Globe Guard® Reusable Box Sealer™ Now Available in Colors!

Reusable Box Sealer available in six colorsA great green idea has gotten better and much more colorful. Since we have added this item to our green packaging store it has steadily grown in popularity as more and more customers discover new and unusual uses for this very unique product.

The GGRBS “makes every box a reusable box.”

It reduces corrugated waste by extending the life of any 32ECT or 200# test RSC style box when it is being repeatedly opened and resealed. Successful applications include sample room, testing situations, WIP (work in progress) applications and even just to create a neater, cleaner look on warehouse and storage shelves.

In addition to saving corrugated boxes, it can also reduce labor, eliminate the need for plastic tape and can help you avoid the use of expensive die cut corrugated or plastic reusable boxes.

Six different colors and two different types now available!

The standard product shown on our store is the recycled black version of the GGRBS. We are glad to also now have available a transparent purple that is made of recycled plastic as well. In addition to those two colors, the GGRBS is also available in green, red, yellow, and pink. Ideal for color coding inventory if necessary.

Please call or email us if you want one of these standard, but non-stock colors, because minimums and pricing may vary. However, in most situations these non-stock colors still ship within a week.

The GGRBS is also available in custom colors and labeling

Once again, minimums apply but if you needed a special company or other color, chances are we can produce it for you. The same is true if you need one of the six standard available colors but want it custom labeled such as “return to _:” or “property of _ ” to facilitate GGRBS collection and reuse.

Essentially this incredibly useful and versatile product can be made even more unique and versatile with a variety of color and labeling possibilities. If you have a question or need a sample of the GGRBS, please contact us.

Also, the GGRBS is on sale with free shipping, only through the end of this month (March 2013), making this a great time to give it a try.

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