Posted on August 28, 2019 by Michael Boik

The Globe Guard ®  Wine Shipper

In search of an eye-catching and effective wine shipper? Look no further!

In today’s world filled with snaps, tweets, posts and shares, it seems the new challenge among companies is to try to stand out by gaining a digital following, and competition has never been greater. Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram have all changed the way consumers share their experiences and their levels of satisfaction regarding the products they purchase.

This is great news and a wonderful opportunity for ecommerce and subscription companies that know how to take advantage of strategic branding and seize these “post-worthy” moments. The fact is, the unboxing experience has transitioned over the years from a seasonal fad to a vital marketing tool. Consider that your packaging is no longer just the means by which your product arrives to your consumers. It is telling the story of your brand, for (hopefully) everyone to see.

Unique Presentation for Glass Bottle Packaging Protection

There are any number of ways to present various “non-fragile” products such as books, apparel or snacks/candy. An insert is likely not necessary and the products can be displayed in a variety of arrangements without damaging the product. However, for glass products specifically, the challenge becomes more difficult, as there must be a balance between protection and product display to fully satisfy the consumer. It doesn’t matter how much focus you place on making your packaging colorful and eye-catching if your product doesn’t arrive in one piece. Presentation is always key, but no amount of branding can make up for the disappointment of a cracked, damaged or broken product.

Conversely, protection without the appeal of presentation is often not a positive experience for consumers. Imagine receiving a plain brown box filled to the brim with foam, packaging peanuts, crinkled paper or other messy and unattractive void fill that may accompany glass bottles, candles or any other fragile products. This presentation does not lend itself to a Tweet or Instagram post to share the experience. Stock internal packaging products are often unattractive and ineffective.

So how does one arrive at a solution that is both eye-catching and effective in product protection? The answer is a design that satisfies both needs, such as our new eco-friendly Globe Guard® Wine Shipper.

Globe Guard Wine Shipper

Shipping Wine Bottles in Style

We have recently introduced the Globe Guard® Wine Shipper as a new custom product. We designed the shipper to be both attractive and effective, featuring a corrugated 2 piece insert which functions as a complete air cell perimeter around the bottle, and outer mailer with front locking side tabs for a beautiful presentation. At a low 1,000 MOQ, the wine shipper is available in sizes to accommodate common bottle dimensions, but custom sizes are also possible upon request. The outer shipper is fully customizable in either natural kraft or clean, crisp white, with the option to print either digital or flexographic designs with virtually no limitations—meaning your branding will be a focus, not an after thought, and ideal for that all too important unboxing moment.


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