Posted on April 17, 2013 by Michael Boik

Custom Printed and Branded Corrugated Boxes – Achieve great designs by avoiding common mistakes!

Globe Guardcustom printed mailer boxesCustom printed corrugated RSC and mailer boxes can be almost anything you want them to be and we are so pleased to work with customers who don’t always think in terms of plain or “vanilla”. After all, it is color and design that make life interesting, and quite frankly, also make branded packaging much more effective as well.

Here are a few eye catching boxes I think you will notice should they arrive at your home or office:

Corrugated boxes can be artistic – The neat people at Conscious Box are very creative and know how to make a memorable, positive impression. Shown in the photograph is their newest design to date.

Corrugated boxes can be clever – much more than an interesting design, the “doodles” on the Green Kids Crafts box are a fun project. How many hidden items can you find on the box?

Corrugated boxes can be cute – if looking at the Baby Ush and Me box does not solicit an immediate “awwww” response, there is something wrong. Their talented designers successfully created a warm, friendly company image with their adorable art work.

Corrugated can be bold and masculine – 800 Razors is a great new program created to place high quality razors and blades in the customer’s hands, conveniently and inexpensively. The second ink color they chose to use for their design added minimal cost to their packaging but the impact it had was tremendous. Very sharp! Almost as sharp as their blades.

Custom printed corrugated suggestions:

We cannot take credit for the above designs because while we typically provide structural design help, we are not graphic artists. However, we do enough custom printing that we can usually save our clients time and money by helping them avoid some common mistakes:

  1. Mistakes of omission – ink is relatively inexpensive so once you decide to print your packaging, don’t forget to include your web site address and an eco-message. If you use a green box like a Globe Guard 100% recycled content box, let your customers know it.
  2. Don’t forget the shipping label – it is usually at least 4” x 6” and tends to occupy a lot of valuable space, especially on small boxes. Work that into your layout and consider using a wraparound shipping label to seal your box closed at the same time.
  3. Not all graphics translate well to corrugated board. Remember, looking at images on a monitor or as they are printed on fine white printing paper, is not the same as printing on corrugated board. Some fonts and designs can be a problem, as well as some reverse prints.
  4. Colors tend to print darker on corrugated board, even on white corrugated but especially on dark corrugated. Also, all corrugated board, including that with high recycled content tends to vary a great deal in terms of color. Keep that in mind as you select your ink colors.
  5. Save yourself potential problems and ink upcharges by using GCMI colors whenever possible. These are the colors readily available to the corrugated industry without minimums or additional charges. You can check them out at this industry site.

When it comes to custom printed work, our objective is to not only achieve but to far exceed customer satisfaction. We also have the experience and resources to make branded packaging competitively priced and the process as easy and painless as possible for you.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like us to review your art work on a no cost, no obligation basis.

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