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Custom Rigid Set-Up Boxes for Retail

Salazar Packaging is known as one of the industry leaders for custom shipping packaging, but as we have said before, we like to think of ourselves as a “one-stop shop” for a variety of packaging needs for ecommerce, DTC and other businesses. Many businesses in the packaging industry cannot make this claim, but we are proud of the variety and diverse range of packaging solutions and products that we offer, including retail or display packaging and boxes that are not intended for shipping.

Rigid boxes, rigid-wall boxes, set-up boxes or two-piece boxes, as they are commonly known, are most often utilized for display purposes within a retail space or for other presentation, to hold product, for example (such as cosmetic or jewelry) within an outer shipper container. There are several differences between shipping boxes and rigid boxes aside from function—from the materials used to the manufacturing process itself. This means pricing, minimums, lead times and other factors may all vary as well, but there are some general guidelines below that address the most frequently asked questions about rigid-wall boxes.

How Much Does a Rigid-Wall Box Cost?Rigid Set-Up Boxes

As always, pricing for any custom packaging product is entirely determined by the specifics of that product or application. Like most of our products, rigid wall box pricing is made up of the following:

  • How many are you ordering?
  • What size are you ordering?
  • What is your design (structural and graphic) and what materials will be used (board type, board grade/thickness, finish, gloss, coating, stamping, laminate etc.)

In addition, some other key factors that affect pricing are the amount of overlap of the lid over the base, board color (white or natural chipboard) and lining. Both the interior and exterior can be lined (interior) or wrapped (exterior) to create a beautiful presentation.

Generally, there is little to no tooling costs for rigid boxes, unless a window or special feature is required, meaning you can create any custom size at minimal expense. There may be stamping die or other “setup charges”, but these are almost always lower compared to print plate and cutting die costs of mailer boxes.

One possible downside, however, is that set-up boxes are shipped formed, not flat like mailer boxes. This means, often times shipping charges are higher because you are essentially paying to ship air.


What are the print or design capabilities on a rigid-wall box?

Rigid boxes come in many shapes, sizes and forms, including those with magnetic strip closures, a variety of papers of almost any texture such as linens or foils, as well as spot or flood coating. Your design is truly only limited by your imagination. Unlike mailer boxes and traditional flexographic printing, rigid wall boxes can be laminated with sheets on either or both the exterior and interior, and printed with as many colors or designs as you want, including photo quality images, as the paper is printed by an offset or digital process. You also have the option and freedom of supplying your own paper, provided it glues, cuts and bends.


Are rigid-wall boxes green?

Because rigid wall boxes are typically not discarded like shipping containers upon arriving to an end user, they are very green in a sense that they can be and often are reused or repurposed.  They are decorative in nature, and therefore not commonly disposed of, making them a very eco-friendly packaging product. The recycled content and recyclability of the boxes may vary depending on the board type or color, but rigid boxes are largely made from recycled content paperboard and can be wrapped with a variety of materials and eco-friendly papers of your choosing.


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