Posted on April 24, 2014 by Michael Boik

Dr. Gabe’s Foods Selects Globe Guard™ boxes for healthy meals subscription program

LB_box_largeEvery once in a while we help create a great looking shipping box for a customer and the program they are promoting just hits home as a great idea for us and almost anyone we know, Dr. Gabe’s Foods healthy meals on the run subscription program.

Dr. Gabe’s Foods

That is exactly what happened as we learned more about Dr. Gabe and his high protein, low carb Lunch Balancer program. It is designed for people who don’t always have time to sit down and eat a healthy meal. The key is to avoid (high carb) junk in favor of high protein, easy to eat foods that will prove healthy for just about anyone.

Check out Dr. Gabe’s our story page and you will meet a family that is uniquely qualified to design their food menu options to maximize health benefit and minimize cost. It is delivered to the subscriber in one convenient box, saving time and money. Why do most of us eat junk snacks? Because they are readily available, which is what makes this such a neat program. Check them out and you’ll see why it has quickly become a favorite for our home and office.

two colors on whiteThe Custom Printed Box

It is another sharp looking Salazar Packaging, Globe Guard box that is printed two colors on white on the exterior, and basic, unprinted Kraft on the interior to minimize cost and ink coverage. By reverse printing all of the copy against a white background, we were able to help Dr. Gabe create a three color look with only two print plates.

The box design is a custom size die cut mailer with dust flaps for maximum protection of the food product being shipped. And of course after use, the box is 100% repulpable and can be recycled anywhere paper is accepted, including most curb side programs.

If you want a healthy alternative to traditional snack foods, please check out  If you need to create a great looking e-commerce or subscription shipping box, please contact us at Salazar Packaging.

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