Posted on April 27, 2011 by Michael Boik

Corrugated and Paperboard Partitions – Green, Affordable and Not Just for Bottles


Low cost, low minimum corrugated partitions

Low cost, low minimum corrugated partitions

There are just a few product areas in packaging where there are no stock or standard size products available, and corrugated or paperboard partitions is one of them. The primary reason is that for partitions to work properly, the fit is extremely important, and each is custom made for a specific product and purpose.

An Excellent Sustainable Packaging Solution

What makes partitions eco friendly is not only what they are made of, but also what they are NOT made of. Typically, they are made of high recycled content corrugated or paperboard, which of course makes them biodegradable, compostable, recyclable and manufactured from a renewable source material.

What they are not made of is foam or plastic. And while there are many “eco friendlier” versions available today of plastic and foam packaging, partitions are designed to protect and separate products without the use of plastic resin. While we are also suppliers of products like molded/engineered foam and molded pulp, partitions typically deliver excellent product protection without layers of protective packaging materials such as bubble packaging and foam sheets.

A Wide Variety of Potential Packaging Uses

Partitions have been the “go to” solution for decades for products that are in many cases high value and fragile, including glass bottles of liquor or other food and beverage applications. What we see now is a wide array of applications where providing separation between products is every bit as important as cushioning. In some cases, the product is not at all fragile, but it is susceptible to damage or label abrasion.

Recent traditional glass container applications include olive oil, syrup, flavor ingredients, honey, jams, jellies, cosmetics and candles. However, a few non-traditional applications include machined aluminum parts, painted products, metal packaging tins, umbrellas, pre-packaged items and injection-molded plastic components.

Partitions Are Easy to Buy and Even Easier to Use

Partitions are available in small quantities and require NO tooling, so there is no upfront cost. They can also be constructed from an almost infinite number of grades and thicknesses of board. We can deliver them pre-assembled and ready to use or we can deliver separate components that take up less space to store and to ship.

Our customers’ reasons for utilizing them range from the list of applications above to reducing labor costs, minimizing packing materials and even eliminating disputed quantity counts on orders. And many people like them simply because they are among the greenest packaging solutions currently available.

Whatever your motivation and objective, we hope you will allow us to review your needs to determine if partitions or one of our other green packaging solutions will prove best for your specific needs and situation.