Posted on June 27, 2012 by Michael Boik

EZ Green Pak – A Great Alternative to Paper Systems

Packaging operations are turning greener. Plastic in any form, including messy foam peanuts or bulky bubble packaging on rolls, are being avoided and the packaging industry has responded with a variety of green, paper void-fill systems.

EZ Green Pak

Pregis Geo Speed™ 100, Storo Pak PAPERplus, Ranpak Fill Pak® and Sealed Air’s FasFil® to name a few, are all excellent systems designed for high-speed  and large volume applications. However, many packaging operations find that this type of automatic, powered system may not be right for them because:

  1. Case packing is not always done at one central location
  2.  Equipment operation and maintenance may be an issue for some operations
  3. Their volume may not qualify them for a free or low cost equipment installation
  4. Their business is seasonal or has sharp peaks and valleys in volume

Low Volume Case Packaging with Paper Packing Materials

Our new EZ Green Pak may be ideal if any of those four circumstances apply to your situation. Since no equipment is required, no minimum applies and you can order EZ Green Pak one case or in quantities that best suits your business. Most importantly, you still have all the benefits of using a “plastic free” void-fill and packing solution with none of the equipment related issues.

Other EZ Green Pak Benefits                       

In addition to being very green, (even the box is recyclable) and not requiring a usage agreement or minimum, EZ Green Pak is also compact – the box is designed to stand or hang vertically (with optional wall dispenser) and is only 10-1/4” X 10-1/4” X 14-3/4” tall. This, combined with the access holes designed into the sides of the dispenser box makes EZ Green Pak very portable and easy to move where it is needed.

However, the greatest benefit of EZ Green Pak is packing efficiency and productivity. Simply, it makes case packing easier for your packers and when they are happier, they are naturally more productive. Packers love EZ Green because the non-powered dispenser box does a lot of the manual paper ‘scrunching” saving them time, reducing fatigue and minimizing repetitive motion. Remember, even a minute saved per order for a sixty order per day operation adds up to a valuable hour of time savings.

EZ Green Pak Dispenser Video

This is truly one of those products you have to see to believe. Check out this video and for additional details, please visit our green packaging store EZ Green Pak is a stock item and can be ordered here for immediate delivery.

Also, do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any additional help or answer any questions.
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