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Custom printed mailers“Is it available with my logo on it?” That is a common request we get from customers who understand the value of having their secondary packaging custom printed with their name, logo or message on it. It makes a memorable and positive first impression to customers and reinforces your other marketing and branding efforts.

We understand that on some products it can be difficult and/or costly, but on many of the products we offer it could not be any easier. Even though people often come to us with misconceptions about custom printing of packaging, they are usually pleasantly surprised to find out that in many cases the minimums are very low, the lead times are short and the additional cost for custom printing can extremely reasonable.

Our Globe Guard® 50% recycled content mailers are a perfect example of an easy to brand product. There are only five simple steps to the process:

Custom printed mailers with a one case minimum1.) Select a Mailer Style – There are basically two styles available: flat and gusseted. Flat is typically lower in cost, however gusseted mailers create a three-dimensional shipping container ideal for high-profile products such as bulky soft goods.

2.) Select a Mailer Size – A quick look at our Globe Guard® stock size list on our Globe Guard® green store will tell you we have 15 different stock sizes. In addition, we can make just about any custom size you need, but larger minimums would apply.

3.) Select a Mailer Color – Most of our 15 stock sizes are available in both white and Kraft. All are 50% recycled content.

4.) Determine Quantity of Cases Needed – Note: the number of mailers per case varies depending on the mailer size.

5.) Determine Print and Location – Chose from 26 standard colors or tell us if you require a PMS specific color. You also have a choice of printing on one or two sides of the mailer.

The rest of the process is up to us. We’ll review your artwork and provide you with ink color samples and an artwork proof. Once both are reviewed and approved by you, we create a printing plate and your mailers will usually be delivered in two to three weeks.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Our decades of packaging industry experience are available to you to make sure that you are absolutely delighted with the end result. Contact Salazar Packaging if you need or want more information.

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