Posted on March 4, 2020 by Michael Boik

Rigid Mailer Envelopes Pricing and Minimums

We’ve been very fortunate to receive a swelling of inquiries for our rigid mailers over the last several months. Whether this is due to recent challenges and barriers some companies have faced in ordering from and relying on overseas suppliers, our own promotional efforts, or a combination of both, we are recognizing that the growth of interest also raises a need to address common questions related to the product. Below are some of the questions we have been asked the most about our rigid mailer envelopes, and answers to help guide you from initial inquiry and through a potential order.


What are your order minimums for custom Rigid Mailers?

Our minimum is typically 2,500 on most custom sizes, graphics and applications. However, there are some exceptions where the minimums may be higher, and others where it may in fact be lower. This is usually directly tied into board grade/type and availability. The only way to know for sure is to ask.

What are lead times for customization?

Our standard answer to this question is 4-5 weeks on an initial order, although many factors can determine what the actual lead time is. The time of year, as is true of all packaging products, plays a key role, as the holidays at the end of the year will almost always add on to a longer lead time. The mailer size will also play a factor, depending on what board is available (stocked) at the plant at the given time of your order. This comes down to luck and good timing more than anything, but you can almost always expect a first-time order to be longer than a repeat order. We recently ran a repeat order in 2 weeks, so again, the 4-5 weeks is not always a firm answer.

What are your graphic design limits and capabilities?custom rigid mailer envelope

Because they are offset printed, there are virtually no limitations in terms of what designs we can print. A basic 1 or 2 color, one-sided print will always be lower in cost than a 4 color process full wraparound design, but with very few exceptions, if you dream it, we can print it.

Are there set up costs?

In most cases, yes there are generally print plate and prep/proof costs on a custom order. However, these costs will range anywhere from as low as $150.00 to as high as four figures in some cases. Keep in mind that minimizing your graphics and the amount of ink colors used will keep these costs down.

What if I need a custom size?

We offer 13 stock sizes on our webstore which can all be purchased for immediate shipment by the case. However, should a custom size be needed, we can certainly produce one for you, to your specific dimensions, whether printed or unprinted. We may already have the size you want, but you’d prefer to have the opening along the wide side. This can be accomplished with custom tooling as well. We can also produce expandable envelopes for added versatility, as seen here. However, tooling costs and minimums may apply.

How much does this all cost?

As with all of our custom products, we do not keep a price sheet, as each individual project is unique and priced according to the specifics of what you need. The key factors in determining cost are always: order quantity, graphics (number of colors printed and ink coverage) and envelope size. Our stock sizes are all listed here, and as a general rule for an estimate, adding about 30% is a safe bet in determining what the per unit cost would be to add graphics, but we encourage you to reach out to us for a formal quote.

How do I get started?

The best way is to contact us via the link or phone number below to address any remaining unanswered questions, start a quote, or to get the order process under way.


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