Posted on April 27, 2016 by Michael Boik

Custom Printed Subscription Boxes, Do Not Have to Be Boxes

Branded mailer envelopes for clothingIt may sound silly or even counterproductive for one of the top providers of custom printed mailer boxes to suggest using a different form of packaging but we do it almost every single day. There is a mistaken perception out there that a box is the only way to go but many of our customers find mailer envelopes can provide numerous benefits including:

  1. Compared to boxes, mailer envelopes are usually less expensive to buy
  2. Envelopes are typically less expensive to store and ship (inbound)
  3. They are usually less expensive to ship to your customer (out bound)
  4. Require less labor and ancillary package
  5. In many cases, have lower minimums for custom printing

Unpadded Paper Mailer Envelopes

These are a great example of a packaging product that people are using in place of a box. They are light weight, available in white or Kraft, and can be custom printed with your logo or graphics in a very low, one case minimum. The quantity per case varies from as few as 200 for larger mailers to as many as 500 for the smallest sizes. If you need several different sizes, depending on the design, it is possible one low cost print plate can do them all, usually for $125 per side, or less.

Our unpadded mailer envelopes are also available flat or gusseted so larger orders or bulkier products can be easily accommodated. Everyone features the peel and seal adhesive strip so no taping or additional label is required.

Rigid and padded mailer envelopes also availableThey ship via UPS saving tons on inbound shipping (no truck required) and typically qualify for a lower out bound (to your customer) shipping rate when using USPS. They can easily be stored in a closet occupying minimal space, making them the ideal form of packaging for the home based, start-up subscription or e-commerce business.

Mailer Envelopes are Perfect for Soft Goods and Clothing

Items such as tee shirts, fashion scarves, baby/kid’s clothing, fabric samples, golf shirts and even socks, can all be safely and securely shipped in our unpadded mailer envelopes.  Soft goods can be kept clean, dry and some believe they are less likely to arrive crumpled compared to rattling around within a box.

What If More Protection is Needed?

The first question we always ask, is how often do products being shipped REALLY require cushioning, padding or other protection? The answer is usually not that often which means that cushioning can be added only when necessary and not wasted on all orders being shipped. For example, don’t ship all of your tee shirt orders in boxes, just because you occasionally also ship out baseball caps. There is no “one size fits all” packaging solution so most of the clothing people we work with use a variety of packaging products and sizes.

We also have a variety of other mailer envelope options available including rigid mailers for flat items such as documents and books or bubble lined paper or poly mailer envelopes when all or most of the products being shipped require additional protection. Larger minimums may apply on these other items (see first “related post” below) for custom printing or if they represent a minimal percentage. A well-designed custom printed label applied to an unprinted packaging option can accomplish branding at minimal cost or overall investment.

Bottom line – there is no silly or counterproductive packaging option ever presented. With the variety of custom printed packaging products we have to offer, the goal is always to present the BEST option for every customer and every product.

Do not hesitate to contact us at Salazar Packaging or call us at 630-551-1700. We will be glad to discuss your specific needs and how to help you create the best branded packaging option, at the lowest possible cost.

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