Posted on January 18, 2018 by Michael Boik

Packaging for Clothing/Apparel

Packaging for clothing tends to lend itself to a variety of solutions. There is probably no other product that we receive more phone calls about than startup clothing companies looking for branded boxes for their t-shirts, sweatshirts, ball caps and other apparel items. The conversation is one we have almost every day, and it’s helped us to learn that not every potential customer who asks for a box actually needs a box.


Most people tend to oversize when they are guessing at the measurements of the packaging they need. A gentleman in the clothing industry called us recently and when prompted for measurements, said a ten inch cubed box would be about right to fit one regular sized ball cap. This amount of excess space in packaging is not only expensive and unnecessary, but wasteful to both our customer and their end customer as well.

As a company who thrives on selling boxes, it’s always fun to have the conversation that starts with, “You may want to consider some non-box options!”


Boxes may be unnecessary in cases where the product being shipped does not require the amount of space or protection a box provides for other products that absolutely require them (ie glassware, breakables, heavy or bulky items etc.) For example, a book subscription service company depends on a box to not only deliver their books, pens, bookmarks, notepads and other items safely and without damage, but also securely, so that the presentation of their items is not compromised during transit.

This is true of many products, but not always when the discussion turns to clothing. While there are some high-end fashion and apparel companies with expensive products, (dresses, suits, designer jeans etc.) big budgets, large warehouses where a box may be the most appropriate solution, the vast majority of clothing companies would be better-suited to use alternative packaging to eliminate economic and environmental waste, and save on shipping costs by shipping in lighter, more practical packaging.


Unpadded Paper Mailer Envelopes-Ideal Packaging for Soft GoodsPackaging for Clothing

Our unpadded paper mailer envelopes, unlike plastic mailers, are made from a construction grade paper material made from recycled content that provides durability and protection during shipping. They are 100% recyclable, weather resistant and offered in a variety of sizes, including expandable in cases where multiple shirts or bulky items like sweatshirts are the product in question. Now is the perfect time to check them out, as they are currently ON SALE until the end of February. Please see our selection of over 20 sizes available in both white and kraft on our stock store site Globe Guard Products.




Available Custom Printed at Low Minimums

There is perhaps no greater benefit in switching from a box to a paper envelope solution than in the area of branding. There is no other product which can be custom printed by the case, like our unpadded paper mailer envelopes. Print plates are generally a flat fee of $125.00 per color. Print plates for boxes may fall around $400-600 per color by comparison. A first time order may run at a tenth of the cost of a branded box order, and when you factor in labor, shipping and storage costs, the savings are even greater.


No matter your questions or concerns regarding packaging for clothing or any other product line, we have the experience that likely has the answers and the guidance you seek. Please Contact Salazar Packaging or call us at 630-551-1700 for a no cost and confidential review of your packaging goals or challenges.

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