Posted on August 11, 2010 by Michael Boik

Save Time and Money with Eco Friendly Mailers

Eco Friendly Mailers

This may be unexpected from a company that spends so much time creating and marketing our Globe Guard® 100% PCW, RSC shipping boxes, but there are many situations when the best “box” for the job is not a box at all. For those products and applications we carry an assortment of different types and styles of mailer products:

Corrugated Lock Front and Tuck Top Mailers

These die cut corrugated designs are ideal when the goal is to deliver a product in a reusable, more attractive, container. They deliver your product in more of a presentation box style container rather than a standard RSC (regular slotted container) with the usual four flaps on top and bottom. Corrugated mailers are typically stronger as well because the way they are formed creates at least a partial double wall shipper. These can also be easily custom printed for a branded and unique look.

Eco Friendly Padded Paper Mailer Envelopes

For the application requiring cushioning but the use of plastic bubble is not an acceptable option, a paper mailer with cushioning is the ideal product. These Kraft colored mailers are double walled and in between is a layer of shredded (PCW) news paper to provide the necessary product protection.

Eco Friendly Non-Padded Paper Mailer Envelopes

For applications not requiring cushioning, heavy paper mailers provide more than enough protection. These are ideal for soft goods such as tee shirts, and reusable bags. These are typically made of 100% recycled content paper and are available in a flat version for shipping products like prints, calendars, etc. and gusseted for high profile items such as clothing.

Eco Friendly Padded Plastic Mailer Envelopes

For people seeking the lowest possible weight AND requiring cushioning, our bubble lined mailers are ideal. We prefer them over “paper outside /poly bubble inside” versions because with a poly/poly construction, they can be recycled almost anywhere a poly bag can be recycled. For many this can be done at curb side and for others they can be placed in bag collection bins at the nearest large retailer. If you are not opposed to a plastic container for your product being shipped, the weight difference and shipping cost savings, compared to many comparable paper products, may be significant.

Also, keep in mind that most mailer envelopes typically require little or no additional cushioning and feature a “peel and seal” adhesive strip so tape use and more importantly, labor is usually reduced.

Many people we meet utilize boxes because they believe them to be the greenest option or “that’s what we’ve always used”, and they do not realize the many green packaging options that are now available to them. Visit our green packaging Web store to see the variety of green options we offer.