Posted on November 29, 2018 by Michael Boik

Protective Packaging-Rigid Mailer Envelopes

We often talk about the importance of balancing protection with presentation. Customers frequently contact us with visions of beautiful graphics and packaging presentation that makes their brand stand out in highly competitive and crowded markets. But (understandably) they also want to ensure their product(s) are well protected, and that the customer is satisfied with the manner in which the product arrives to them. A box or envelope that’s beautiful on the outside but presents product in a sloppy, unorganized, or worse—damaged way is not sending the right message.


We also often communicate that the best box solution may not be a box at all. For certain products, (t-shirts, clothing and soft goods) an unpadded mailer envelope is the better solution. And for products that require added protection, durability and rigidity (documents, forms, photographs etc.) our popular rigid mailer envelopes are a perfect way to protect products without sacrificing presentation.


Eco-Friendly and Affordable

One of our most green products, rigid mailers are 100% recyclable, made from recycled content and a percentage of post-consumer waste. The peel and seal adhesive strip reduces the need for additional closures such as tape, cutting down on overall packaging costs. The easy open tear strip also saves time and effort for the end user upon arrival. Rigid mailers are available for purchase by the case in 13 sizes on our stock webstore Globe Guard ® Products. They are lightweight, easy to store and less expensive to ship than alternative, bulkier products, especially given the recent introduction of dimensional weight rates by many carrier services.

Protective Packaging

Custom Printing Benefits

At a minimum of 2,500 mailers, customization is ideal for rigid mailers due to the offset printing process which allows for a variety of design options. Full color, flood coats, edge to edge front and back, as well as aqueous coatings and 3 or more color prints are all possible on white or kraft, (although higher minimums may apply) allowing your graphic artists the freedom to fully present your branding as you like. Also, print plates are typically lower when compared to other printed packaging products.  Rigid mailers are also a great way of complimenting existing packaging such as mailer boxes or RSCs. You can see what one of our valued customers, EBY, did to compliment their existing packaging in our recent blog post here.


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