Posted on January 9, 2013 by Michael Boik

Sustainable Packaging – Playing a Major Role in Subscription Commerce

Whether you call them subscription programs, sample programs, or even subscription commerce, the concept is very simple – consumer subscribers pay a monthly fee to receive a box of product samples they might not otherwise have the opportunity to see or try.

The product manufacturers providing the samples find it to be a relatively low cost way to place their product in the hands of eager potential customers. Whether the target market is moms, fishing enthusiasts or eco minded natural food lovers, the company bringing manufacturer and consumer together is a marketing and sample fulfillment company that is able to reach that potential customer, “where he/she lives”.

This method of product marketing has become so popular it has even resulted in web sites dedicated to the review and promotion of various subscription programs. Two of our favorites are and that both do an excellent job of bringing these valuable programs to interested consumers.

The Presentation is Important and is ALL about Packaging

When you visit the sites mentioned above we are proud to say you will see many of our friends, clients and customers. We first started designing and developing packaging for sample subscription programs almost two years ago because frankly, our products and services satisfy their needs well. Boxes can be tailored for almost any demographic and add appeal to the presentation. A few of the most important requirements are:

1.)  Green Packaging Products 

Many of the subscription programs being launched are focused on the relatively new, green, sustainable, natural, vegan or healthy lifestyle markets with consumers who are typically very concerned about the packaging materials that enter their home. Questions such as “what is it made of”, “is it reusable”, and “how can I recycle it”, are being asked more today than ever before. Those are the same questions we have been asking of our suppliers and answering for our customers for years.

We are probably best known for our Globe Guard® 100% recycled content shipping boxes but we also offer a wide variety of other eco friendly solutions such as void fill, inserts and other cushioning products.

2.)  Achieving the Lowest Possible Cost

If sustainability is our primary concern, a very close second today is economics. Our goal is always making sure our prices are cost competitive with less green, so called, “standard” packaging products. We are not aware of any market able or willing to pay a premium for greenness especially in a business like sample subscription fulfillment programs where packaging and shipping are major costs that must be controlled to achieve profitability.

3.)  Flexibility and Quick Turn Around

Subscriber numbers change quickly as do the size and shape of product samples being shipped. We can ship any of our stock products the same day from our packaging store and expedite the delivery if necessary.

We cannot be beat on custom printed work. We can often ship custom printed RSC or mailer boxes two weeks after approved art work for a first/initial order and one week for a repeat order. That enables subscription commerce fulfillment operations to move quickly and not have to compromise their sustainability values or have to pay excessive prices for the packaging products they need quickly.

4.)  Creating a Unique and Distinct Look

Many companies offer stock, unprinted products but few are as capable as we are to deliver custom printing quickly and successfully. Our use of water based inks makes our images healthy for the environment as well as eye catching.

In addition, we are one of the few companies in the packaging industry able to create custom printed designs on corrugated mailers, paper board folding cartons or rigid box style packaging. This is especially helpful when your goal is a box within a box presentation or if you simply want to set yourself apart from a fast growing field of competitors.

Do not hesitate to contact Salazar Packaging if you have any questions or if you can use some free, “expert” advice in a confidential review of your packaging needs. Green, low cost, branded packaging is what we do and we are eager to help you grow your subscription commerce or sample fulfillment program.