Posted on July 31, 2020 by Michael Boik

Salazar DTC Packaging Gallery Updated

Our DTC packaging gallery has always served as a sort of packaging time capsule in that you can see the trends in terms of what styles, colors, designs and features have been most popular with our customers over the years. Of the 84 images you will find on our gallery, some are as recent as earlier this month, while others were added years ago. They all serve as a great conversation starter for when a customer calls in and wants to know more about a particular packaging product they saw in an image.

Many of these conversations begin with some variation of one of the questions below.


I love the red box from your gallery. Can I have that same size?

This type of question is actually quite common, but it presents a number of follow up questions we’d have for you. Do you like that particular box because of the color, the graphics or the style? Keep in mind that box sizes are very difficult to gauge from a picture, and we do not recommend trying to select a size by browsing our gallery. After all, we have well over 200 cutting dies, and not all sizes are represented on our website. A much better approach is to take some measurements of your product and determine a rough idea of a length, width and depth that might work for you. If you want a red box, great! But that doesn’t mean the red box you see on our site will be the size that works best for you.  

I like the insert in this photo! Can I order the same insert?

Similar to the above question/answer, keep in mind that every image on our gallery is a custom application, meaning made-to-order for one particular customer. If you select Salazar Packaging for your needs, we will be creating packaging specifically for your project/product(s). This means that an insert design you see on our gallery can likely be used as a blueprint or model for what you want your insert to look like, but it will never be the exact same, unless you are selling the exact same product as someone else (ie the same bottle size), but even then, it may be printed or unprinted or a different board color, board grate etc.

What if I want something I don’t see on your gallery?

Great! Maybe the unique packaging concept we create for you will be the next image we add to our gallery. After all, we do custom work, and as you can probably see, we are not afraid of a challenge.


There is so much variety on your gallery. Do you have anything that can lead me to the right solution for my company and products?

Actually, yes! We covered this topic pretty extensively in a blog post you can read here. This is one of our favorites because it allows you to click on a particular image and read more details about that specific packaging.


I see a lot of great packaging, but I don’t see anything on costs or minimums. Where can I find that information?

Luckily, we’ve written blog posts on both of these topics. You can find those via the links below, as well as many other posts that might be relevant. But if your questions are still unanswered, you can contact us at 630-551-1700 or via the link at the bottom of this page.

Keep in mind that our minimum on MOST corrugated mailer and insert applications is 1,000 pieces. But it could be higher depending on graphics, size, board color and other factors.


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