Posted on November 25, 2019 by Michael Boik

Salazar Packaging Website Updated!

At Salazar Packaging, we have received countless compliments over the last decade about our website, most specifically our gallery and the wide variety of DTC, ecommerce, eco-friendly and branded packaging examples on display there. We truly do consider ourselves a one-stop shop for most packaging needs, and we take great pride in showing off a selection of some of our greatest success stories we’ve achieved for thousands of customers.

Whether it’s eye-catching graphic designs, unique structural designs, innovative packaging concepts, or a combination of all three, our gallery represents our tagline, “packaging that communicates” and our mission—to help our customers maximize their brand presence in an ever-increasing competitive market.


Our website changes include the addition of twelve new images to our gallery, as well as overall visual improvements to many of the photographs, links and content found on every page for an easy-to-navigate and enjoyable user experience. Below, we’ve highlighted some of these changes and new page additions in greater detail. Happy browsing!


New Internal Packaging and Inserts for E-commerce Page

Our new Internal Packaging Page is the perfect representation of what we do best, balancing presentation with protection. There are many beautiful examples of some of our best work on display, specifically glass-bottle and other fragile products and how to best ship them to your customers while still delivering the all-important “WOW” factor.





New Paperboard Packaging for Ecommerce DTC Applications Page

Our new Paperboard Packaging Page is one of our most exciting additions, because it speaks to how we specialize in a wide variety of packaging materials and concepts, such as rigid wall boxes, paperboard and corrugated cartons, combined for maximum impact.






New Eco-Friendly Custom Sustainable Products Page

Our new Custom Sustainable Products Page shows some of our newest products and designs, including the Globe Guard Wine shipper, resealable mailers, and digital print capabilities.






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