Posted on July 22, 2014 by Michael Boik

Smart Organizations Understand the Value of an Eye-catching Custom Printed, Branded Box

Two colors out on whiteSome companies and organizations look only at the utilitarian value of a shipping container – “get it from point A to point B”. Others like the two described below understand a shipping box can be much more than that. It can be a very powerful communication tool able to make a lasting, positive impression. They also were pleased to know that a branded box is not much more expensive than a plain, unprinted box, IF you select the right packaging partner.

Living Legacy Foundation of Maryland – two colors on white, inside and outside

Two colors in on whiteTheir annual 5K run is a major fund raiser for this organization determined to raise awareness of the need for organ and tissue donations. When they decided to create a new “Team Captain’s Kit” to send out to leaders, they wanted something bright and attractive that could not be missed or forgotten.

They also needed to minimize cost so they chose our 12-1/4” X 9-1/4” X 2-½” stock mailer size from our large inventory of available cutting dies, saving $800 to $1,000 in initial costs. To maximize the WOW factor of their design, we worked with them to create flexographic print screens giving them multiple shades of the same two colors resulting in a four color (or more) look for the price of two colors.

Maloney Strategic Communications – One color (black) on Kraft

black on Kraft with screensAnyone who thinks black on Kraft is boring has to see this great graphic design created by Maloney Strategic for their client – The Irving Texas Convention and Visitors Bureau. The finished box is bold, interesting and is designed to stand out in anyone’s in basket or mail room when it is mailed to corporate meeting and event planners.

Our 8” X 4” X 3” stock die was perfect, eliminating the need for a costly new one. Once again we helped them to utilize screens to avoid a “flat” finish, creating a contrasting gray by screening some of the black with only one print plate.

Maximum WOW factor for Minimum Cost

We know how to work with our inks and materials to deliver the best possible looking mailer box that doubles as a presentation box. Whether it is screen printing, digital printing or perhaps the use of Kemi board for a great looking shipping box, you get the best value and impact at the lowest possible cost, including the initial cost of print plates and cutting dies.

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