Posted on September 11, 2020 by Michael Boik

What’s New With Custom Rigid Mailer Envelopes?

Our rigid mailer envelopes have been a popular custom item for many years for a variety of reasons. There are many benefits to a rigid mailer when the product you are shipping requires protection and a box is too big or bulky, such as documents, photos, wedding invitations or greeting cards. One of the benefits has always been the wide variety of art/graphic designs we can accommodate, as the offset printing process allows us to print virtually any design or colors with very few limitations.

However, long lead times, high print plate costs and other factors have been some of the drawbacks to the product. Fortunately, due to new equipment and processes, we are able to announce some exciting new benefits of our rigid mailer envelopes.

Shorter lead times

In some cases, depending on factors such as envelope size, graphics and order quantity, we are able to produce custom rigid mailers in 2-3 weeks from final approved artwork. This is about half of the time of our normal lead time for this product. We understand that many of our customers simply cannot wait 5-6 weeks for custom packaging, especially this time of year, and we are proud to announce that our new capabilities will allow us to work within a much shorter time frame on many first-time orders.

Lower or No print plate costs

For most rigid mailer envelopes with a 1 or 2 color print at 25% ink coverage, a print plate would typically cost between $250-500. For flood coats and 4 color process graphics, sometimes the print plates can cost upwards of $750 or higher. However, due to new equipment capabilities, we are now able to process some custom rigid mailer envelope orders with little to no print plate cost. Again, envelope size, order quantities and other factors will apply, but feel free to contact us via the link at the bottom of the page to find out more information.

Variety of Sizes and Lower Custom Size Minimums

We have long offered 13 stock sizes available for custom printing with no tooling costs, and the ability to create a custom size with tooling costs at a 5,000 piece minimum. While we still do offer those 13 stock sizes, (printed or unprinted) we are now also able to accommodate custom sizes for a lower minimum of 2,500, and tooling costs may not be needed. As stated previously, the only way to know for sure what the price and what the minimum will be is to send us an email via the contact us link below.

In addition to our ability to accommodate a variety of sizes, we can also cover a variety of applications and/or products. If you need rigid mailers with expandable capabilities, we have a couple of different options, including our Fit Mailer, which you can read about here.

All in all, these changes are a direct result of listening to our customers and their honest feedback related to our products and services. If you have any questions or comments on how we can improve, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


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