Posted on January 11, 2012 by Michael Boik

Sustainable Packaging Solutions – Globe Guard® Products MFAQ (most frequently asked questions)

Green Packaging FAQ

We get a lot of inquiries and phone calls at Salazar Packaging about our Globe Guard® products, especially our 100% PCW and 100% recycled content shipping boxes, and we are most grateful. As we begin this brand new year, we thought it would be a good time to recap some of the questions most frequently asked of us.

What if I don’t see the size I need on your store?

We now have more than 1,000 box sizes immediately available, but they are not all made of our Globe Guard® 100% recycled content material, so they do not appear on our store. Only the most popular sizes can be stocked and offered on our green packaging web store, so a quick call or contact will confirm we do indeed have it available for you. When in doubt, please ask.

Are Globe Guard® boxes available printed, and what is the minimum?

The quick answers are yes, and whatever you want it to be. Most of the boxes we sell are private-branded and custom-printed. We will walk you through the process, especially if it is your first time, but believe me, it is far easier and less expensive than you have probably been led to believe.

In terms of minimum, we have custom-printed as few as 50 boxes, but I would be the first to tell you the set-up cost for printing is most easily amortized on 200 to 500 boxes, depending on the box size. By the time you get up to a couple of 1,000 boxes, the additional cost of one-color print is almost insignificant.

Are 100% recycled content boxes as strong as my standard virgin board boxes?

First let me say that in spite of popular belief, “standard boxes” are not 100% virgin. In fact, depending on who is making them, they are probably already 30% to 40% recycled content. Our stock Globe Guard® boxes are 100% recycled content and 32 ECT board strength, so it has passed the same testing (32# edge crush test) as anyone else’s “32 ECT” box.

What if 32 ECT is not strong enough for my application?

Globe Guard® boxes are available in almost any board combination up to 48 ECT double-wall construction. Again, much like the sizes shown on our store, just because you don’t see heavy duty board boxes on our store, does not mean they are not available.

Do you have white boxes available?

Yes, we have them available if you really want them, but we usually don’t suggest them because:

  1. They are not 100% recycled content. The outer (white) layer is always made of virgin board, so it is not consistent with our green product line.
  2. White shipping boxes only look good when they ship out. Usually, by the time they arrive they are far more likely to look dirty and beat up.
  3. Depending on grade and design, larger minimums may apply.

For almost five years, our company has tried to be the best resource for eco-friendly packaging solutions, innovations and products. If you need your packaging green, chances are we have it and can deliver it quickly, oftentimes at a price lower than what you are paying for standard (non-green) products. If you are interested in meeting your financial and sustainability objectives in 2012, please contact us.