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What are Custom Packaging Quantity Minimums and Maximums?

As we like to say, perhaps nothing has a greater impact on pricing or what options might be available for a specific corrugated application than custom packaging order quantity. Order size is tied to so many things, including the availability of “special boards” such as triple white, or even double-sided white in certain flutes, as well as Kemi White (high gloss). The type of printing (flexographic, digital or litho label) also may hinge on the order quantity. Whether you are a startup business preparing for your first ever custom packaging order, or a company that is ordering millions of boxes per year, understanding how order quantities affect the custom corrugated options can be a great benefit to you.


Does Salazar Packaging Have a Minimum Order Quantity?

The simplest answer is yes, and that is TYPICALLY 1,000 boxes. As you read further, specifically the next paragraph below, you’ll see that there are many factors in determining minimums, but as a general rule, 1,000 is our most common minimum for corrugated applications. For this reason, we tend to lay out a few possible avenues for any potential new customer who may be looking for somewhere in the 250-1,000 box range. Just because you can meet our minimum, doesn’t always mean that we recommend you order. In fact, there are several times when we’ve steered customers away from flexographic printing, in order to avoid initial startup costs (print plates) and recommended they start with an alternative packaging product, such as envelopes, stock, unprinted packaging, or encourage them to find a short-run digital printer. This is especially true if you are looking for one-time promotional or gift packaging without the need to reorder. We will always try to save you from any unnecessary or regrettable expenses that we don’t believe are in your best interest.


What Determines a Minimum Order Quantity?custom box minimums

The combination of long machine set up times, and the guidelines set forth from the sheet plants supplying the board, are typically the largest determiners of what the minimum will be for any given project. For example, board combinations that are less common, such as double-sided white E Flute board, may require either higher minimums or longer lead times. The same is true of the box size. The smaller the box, in some cases, the higher the volume needed for the board to trim.

As a general rule, the more “specialized” your packaging becomes, the higher the minimum may be. Adding things like varnish, coatings, tear strips, adhesives, pre-printing may all result in higher minimums.


Does Salazar Packaging Have a Maximum Order Quantity?

The best answer to this is—try us! We do not have a maximum order quantity in place that is a hard and fast rule for anything. We welcome all challenges. During the height of the pandemic, when supply chains were disrupted, plants were overwhelmed, and staff and materials shortages were unavoidable, we did not turn away orders due to high volumes. In fact, we even ran over a million boxes for one customer in a relatively short amount of time. We have coast to coast capabilities and are always going to be fully transparent with our customers regarding expectations and what is possible. If someone trusts us with an order, our first priority is, how can we accomplish this for our customer? If there is any doubt that we can meet their expectations and even exceed them, then we will tell them right away up front. We believe in the old axiom, under promise and over deliver. It serves us and our customers well in the end.



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