Posted on July 6, 2023 by Michael Boik

3 Hidden Benefits of Die Cut Inserts

We’ve discussed in several past blog posts the dual benefit of corrugated die cut inserts to provide both protection and a great presentation so that the end-user has a memorable unboxing experience. These are arguably the most important reasons to ditch the often messy, unattractive void fill and consider adding internal packaging components such as a corrugated insert to your new or existing mailer box. However, there are also other benefits of die cut inserts that are perhaps overlooked or not mentioned as often.

corrugated insertsSimplify things for your 3PL/Fulfillment/Packer

In our industry, we know that one of the most important relationships any buyer of custom packaging can have is the one with their 3PL/Fulfillment center. There are a variety of reasons why you should want to follow the “KISS” or keep it simple, mantra when it comes to packaging fulfillment, mainly so that confusion and any potential errors/mistakes are eliminated before they’re started. Consider a packaging application involving numerous parts/components, sizes, skus etc. When the packaging only involves product and the shipping carton, there is perhaps a greater opportunity for potential errors during packing. With an internal component such as a corrugated insert, or multiple inserts that can accommodate a variety of products, the process can be simplified, as it becomes much easier to see what goes where, and what, if anything may be missing from the shipment.

Simplify things for your customer

Going hand-in-hand as an extension of the first point, when your package arrives to your customer(s), they will be able to easily identify that they received the correct product(s) and whether or not anything is missing/damaged/misplaced etc. There is no loose void fill to search through or the potential mistake that product accidentally gets thrown away with the box because the customer simply didn’t know it was there to begin with. Inserts can also make product removal easier/more efficient, and the products can be sorted or divided into groups for easier assembly (if/when needed).

Another aspect is that your customer will be able to quickly and easily identify remaining inventory. Inserts can simplify the process of knowing exactly what you have (4 packs, 6 packs, etc). so that counting inventory and anticipating reorders becomes much more manageable.

Communicate with your Customerscustom printed inserts

Your packaging is your way of sharing information about you, your brand, your products with your customer, and receiving instant feedback. While this is often done on the mailer box itself, the insert may also be another great place for this interaction to take place, mainly because it’s the one part of your packaging that is the very closest to your product.

Taking advantage of the real estate, so to speak, available to you by printing your insert is one of the best bargains in custom packaging, as the price difference between an unprinted insert and a 1 color printed insert is typically minimal. You can print instructions for your customer to follow directly on the corrugated insert, and walk them through step by step instructions on how to properly unpack the box, remove the product(s) and everything that follows. You may even provide QR codes that links to an instructional video, if appropriate. You can also request or encourage feedback by asking your customer to leave a review on your website, social media pages or to contact you directly.

There is also a great opportunity for product education. Use the insert branding to tell your customers more about the product, how or where it was made, or what it is made from, as well as any relevant information such as how to use the product, or a brief history or you, your brand and what makes you unique. Tell your story!


This all probably sounds great, but you may be thinking…what is the cost? The good news is, in most cases, Salazar Packaging offers free packaging design work. Frankly, nobody knows inserts like we do, and there likely isn’t a product/application that we haven’t seen before or designed an insert for. We would love to know more about yours! For more information on internal packaging, including die cut inserts, please visit our interior and protective packaging page here, or read more via any of the related posts below.


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