Posted on February 23, 2022 by Michael Boik

4 Frequently Asked Custom Corrugated Insert Questions

Our website gallery is one of the most common places where our potential customers generate ideas for their own packaging solutions—seeing what they like and what aspects they want to try to replicate. It’s a great resource to learn what our capabilities are and the types of things we do here every day.

Custom corrugated inserts are asked about likely more than any other items on our gallery, blog posts or other content. They are eye-catching and ideal for the often-desired balance of product presentation and protection.

Although we have written several blog posts on the subject of inserts, we still get asked many questions about anything from print capabilities and options, to minimums, pricing and structural design options.


Below are 4 of the most commonly asked insert related questions we are asked nearly every day. While the best answers will of course be unique to your specific product(s) and needs, there are some general answers that often apply to most situations as well.


Do you offer stock inserts?

We do not. There may be some companies that offer stock internal packaging solutions (pads, dividers, partitions, void fill) but inserts are always a custom item because they are designed to fit your product(s) and mailer specifically. Every insert that you see on our gallery was custom fitted to the product to ensure the proper sizing, fit and protection during shipment. There are no quick-fix options or shortcuts when it comes to product protection, and we pride ourselves on recognizing that.


Can an insert be printed/branded?

Absolutely. Because every insert is custom designed from a structural standpoint, it can also be fully customized from a graphic standpoint. This means flexographic printing, be it a flood coat, repeat pattern or other design, or even a digital print as shown in the example below. An insert can be valuable real estate for your interior graphics by either completing the interior box design in a uniform print, or complimenting it with a different color or style like the two options below.

Digitally Printed Insert

Uniform Prints

Complimentary Print

Is the insert part of the box or separate?

Many times the insert will be a separate component from the actual mailer box. This means it requires its own tooling cost to be produced. Most inserts are fully removable and/or interchangeable. This allows, for example, to utilize a single mailer box perhaps to ship both a 1 and 2 pack by utilizing two different inserts, or as many combinations as needed. However, an insert can also be built-into the mailer, meaning it is not removable. This is not as common, and only makes sense for certain products and applications, but there are benefits, such as reducing tooling costs, inventory and eliminating potential added labor or confusion during fulfillment.


What is the cost of a custom insert?

This is the question that is most difficult to answer without knowing the specifics of your product and packaging, because it hinges on so many other factors. What is the size of the insert? Is it printed? If so, how is it printed (Colors, flood coat, digital or flexo)? And perhaps most importantly, how many are you ordering? Once we know these details, we can give accurate pricing, but as a general price estimate, an insert will usually cost about one-third to one-half of the cost of the mailer. So if a mailer is $1.00 per unit, your insert may fall in the $0.30-0.50 range. This is of course only a general guideline, as some inserts may be as much or even more than the mailer itself.


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