Posted on November 10, 2010 by Michael Boik

Custom Printed Boxes are a “Standard” Product for Salazar Packaging

Custom printed boxGlobe Guard is where we offer our assortment of our Globe Guard 100% (PCW) recycled content boxes. We offer more than 40 of the most popular sizes, in stock and available to ship immediately to satisfy your needs. Many “stock box suppliers” will not even attempt to make custom printed shipping boxes, but it is what we do on a daily basis.

Common Misconceptions about Custom Printed Boxes

One of the most pleasing aspects of working with people in search of quality but affordable custom printed packaging is dispelling inaccurate perceptions, usually defensively reinforced by their current plain box supplier.

  • Printed shipping boxes are too expensive. The fact is that, depending on the quantity being run, printed boxes can be equal to or even less expensive than plain boxes. If the purchase quantity is the same, most of our customers see an increase of less than 5% when they compare our one color price to plain.
  • Printed boxes require large minimums. Just like plain, unprinted boxes, the price is in part determined by the quantity, but there is no minimum. We have printed as few as 50 boxes for one customer, but many of our printed box customers order between 200 and 500 boxes.
  • Set up, plate and art charges can be cost prohibitive. Those costs are often exaggerated by people unwilling or unable to sell printed boxes. However, depending on box and image size, if you provide the artwork in almost any format, the onetime plate cost is typically $200 to $300 per color.
  • The lead times are extended for custom printed boxes. Another myth perpetuated by misinformed plain box suppliers. Once we have a proof approved by you and plates made, we can usually ship boxes within one week or less in case of emergencies.

Custom printed box with 3 PMS colorsWhy People Use Printed Shipping Boxes

There was a time when printing on boxes served to communicate a warning (“FRAGILE,” “Open This End”) or simply to describe the contents. Those days have long ago passed with shippers realizing how important that first impression is when a box arrives at a customer’s home or place of business. Equally important, it reinforces the shipper’s brand and provides a positive, upscale and very memorable image.

As eco-minded customers become more skeptical of green products and green claims, a custom printed box offers one last opportunity to drive home the green message you wish to communicate. Even though every Globe Guard box is subtly printed with our logo on the bottom, many customers are eager to make their message more clear and obvious.

As these photos show, custom printed boxes are also a great opportunity to get creative. Even though most customers choose to print one color, multiple PMS colors are not that much more expensive, and you can achieve some great and unique looks.

Please let us know what you have in mind, and we can help you make it happen, easily, quickly and probably for less money than you think.