Posted on December 18, 2018 by Michael Boik

Packaging Graphic Design Decisions

November and December are commonly our busiest months of the year at Salazar Packaging, and the volume and variety of inquiries we receive are numerous. We see all kinds of applications, products and companies that have a unique vision for their packaging products and consumer experience. As we always communicate in these blog posts, we are here to help, and our role is largely to share the knowledge we have gained after printing millions of boxes for thousands of customers. Often times, a good idea in a marketing or planning meeting may not be so good when implemented in reality. We have the benefit of seeing potential red flags very early on in our conversations with customers, particularly as it relates to graphic design, and will always be more than happy to share possible solutions to avoid these problems.


E-commerce and D2C Branding Dos and Don’ts


  • Don’t: Draw attention to Expensive Shipping ContentsPackaging Graphic Design
    • There have been a number of jewelry companies and other similar expensive brands and products who want to put their company name and/or product information printed on the outside of the box. In theory, the purpose of a printed box is to emphasize and promote your branding, however, when the product being shipped is of high value, you may not want to draw attention to it during transit. If you have the word “jewelry” or “luxury” in your company name, it is probably best left off of the outside of the container. Alternatively, you can still print the outside with a floodcoat color, or using other words/phrases/images that do not raise alarm bells that the item being shipped is expensive. You could also focus your branding on the inside of the box so that the customer, and the customer alone sees your beautiful branding.



  • Do: Be Creative and Minimize Colors
    • There are many designs that look good on a computer screen, but may not transition well when printed on corrugated board with a flexographic print process. Many of our best prints are simple one color designs, using the color of the board as a secondary, complimentary color. Black on kraft is still a favorite of ours, as well as a one color reverse print with white board. Screen printing is another method of using one color and one print plate to create small dots that give the illusion of a second color. Minimizing colors will also minimize cost, as each color must be applied with a different print plate (typically $400-600 one time expense).



  • Do: Consider the Specifics of your Packaging
    • Size and shape do factor into packaging graphic design and presentation. It is important to remember that the outside of any box will be covered by a 4 x 6 shipping label. This is especially relevant on smaller mailers. If the bulk of your design and graphics are on the outside of a small shipping box, they are likely to be almost entirely covered by the label. We often express the importance of inside print on these smaller mailers, as well as keeping in mind that white boxes on the exterior will show more scuffs and dirt then a kraft (brown) exterior will.


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