Posted on October 30, 2017 by Michael Boik

Globe Guard® Mailer Box Former

We ship all of our custom printed boxes flat, unassembled, unformed and on pallets to reduce overall space and costs of both shipping and storage. This does, however, mean that the boxes must be formed when they arrive to your location. While the forming process is not difficult, it can be time consuming, and while it can be relatively straightforward to some, many who are new to the box-forming process may be in need of a little guidance.

How to Fold and Form Corrugated Shipping Boxes

There are essentially two options for box forming. Forming the boxes manually (which may make sense at a smaller inventory of 100-200 boxes), and forming them using a device such as our Globe Guard® Mailer Box Former (recommended if you are forming thousands of boxes) which is designed to simplify the forming process and reduce the overall fulfillment time.

When forming manually, the first step is always to find and pre-fold along all of the box scores. Most importantly with attention to the double scores. As pictured in the below example, sometimes the flaps making up the inside walls of the box are double scored on rolled edge side boxes, and if not folded properly along both scores, it will cause the box to not be assembled properly.








Assembly of Die Cut Mailer Boxes Simplified

Our Globe Guard® Box Former cuts the assembly time on a variety of corrugated stock boxes, indestructo style and die cut mailers, and are custom made to fit the box size you need. It’s easy to use, easy to store, portable, low maintenance, durable and environmentally sustainable.

Locate the front of the fixture (should be clearly labeled). Then follow the very simple 2 part process of setting the board into the fixture and pressing down firmly at the center. Once you secure your right and left folds, you’re ready to move on to the next one.






Click Here to See the Globe Guard® Box Former at work for yourself!


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