Posted on December 15, 2016 by Michael Boik

Paperboard Folding Cartons Are Now Available at Globe Guard Green Packaging Store!

One of the most common product requests we receive is for die cut folding cartons, also known as paperboard boxes. These are NOT shipping containers like most of our products, and are not designed out of corrugated board. They are however Ideal for product separation, label protection or for inventory purposes to keep product clean.

white-stock-folding-cartons-2Paperboard folding cartons are very eco-friendly. (See details below) They are also light weight, available in white board or natural Kraft and are relatively inexpensive.

20 STOCK paperboard folding cartons in stock!

They are a new product category on our green packaging store and ready to ship. Unlike custom boxes or cartons, they are available in low one case quantities. Our initial offering is 10 white sizes and 10 Kraft sizes, but if you do not see the size you need, please ask. We have dozens of additional sizes available that are not considered “most popular” and have not made it on the store, yet.


Another eco-friendly packaging Solution from Globe Guard Products kraft-stock-folding-cartons-1

In addition to being 100% recyclable and biodegradable, these cartons are also made with the greenest board possible.

White boxes are 100% recycled content including 35% post-consumer waste.

Kraft cartons are 100% recycled content including 90% post-consumer waste.

Both white and Kraft are 100% recyclable, and re-pulpable.


Custom sizes available with low 2,500 MOQ

If you require a unique size or shape, we can make it for you with a low minimum of 2,500 cartons. Virtually any size and shape is possible but keep in mind a custom cutting die will be needed at a one-time cost that is usually between $400 and $600 per size needed.

                                                                                         Also available custom printed

If you are looking for a cudsc_0397stom printed packaging solution, any of our stock or custom size die cut cartons can be printed in a low 2,500 quantity. If you provide your art for review, we can show you how to minimize one time pre-press charges such as print plates and cutting dies.

Contact us today for a no charge consultation with one of our branded packaging experts. We are committed to helping you determine what packaging product is best for you and your application. Call us at 630-551-1700 contact us via email at Salazar


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