Posted on November 30, 2016 by Michael Boik

Re-Bin Selects Salazar Packaging for New Environment Conscious Product Line

Even though we are a leading supplier of custom printed, die cut mailer boxes, that style of box is not always the best solution.

Re-Bin in Need of Versatile Packaging

Take for instance the great new product made by Re-Bin. They make very attractive waste bins out of 100% recycled plastic. Like many of our new customers with new products, they were not sure how many would be purchased per customer and per order. So they asked us to design a one pack, a two pack and a three pack, so they could accommodate any size order.

Die cut mailers versus RSC versus FOL boxes

3-fol-style-boxes-2Their initial contact with us was for a custom, die cut mailer that would present the product well, horizontally. That design would require three different custom cutting dies (probably over $2,000) but our greater concern was that a die cut mailer design MIGHT not give the bins being shipped the protection they could need during a potentially brutal shipping cycle.

A horizontal RSC style box design would eliminate the need for cutting dies but would probably need additional, ancillary packing at both ends to provide additional end and corner protection. This could detract from the customer experience and we debated the age old “protection versus presentation” challenge. That is when we suggested that the best design might be a vertical, FOL (full overlap) design.

FOL has some clear advantages

We realized by extending the top and bottom flaps on the shipping box we could provide superior end and corner protection at minimal cost by essentially creating an incredibly strong double wall carton at each end. A simple, low cost scored pad could then be inserted to protect the beautifully designed bin handles. To keep bins from locking or binding together when one is inserted in the other, we added an inexpensive lifter cross partition on all two and three packs.

The FOL design is not only inexpensive compared to a die cut mailer, it also eliminated the need for three custom cutting dies, and because all three boxes have the same footprint (length X width) we were able to avoid the onetime cost of three different print plates. With some guidance from our design team, the customer’s graphics and (single) print plate could be used on all three boxes, (see photo) further reducing the customer’s initial pre-press costs.

In the end we were able to provide our customer great looking packaging for their terrific new product, delivering superior protection at the absolute lowest possible cost per unit. That is very smart packaging for a very smart product!

If you are looking for a beautiful unique gift idea for a green minded person on your holiday list, please check out Re-Bin. If you are in need to expert advice to help guide you to the best solution for your e-commerce product, call 630-551-1700 or contact us at Salazar Packaging.


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