Posted on June 2, 2017 by Michael Boik

Printed Box Cost and Options

Perhaps no question from inquiring customers is more common than one we receive almost daily: “How much does a printed box cost compared to a brown box?” It also happens to be a question to which there is no direct or simple answer. As we remind our customers, there is no price sheet for custom products. Cost of branded packaging is determined by the specifics of each project, and the best way for you to determine the specifics that are right for you and your design is to better understand the printing terms and processes involved.


Full-Color Options that Wow for Ecommerce and Subscription Brand Packaging

There are no stock boxes in colored prints. It is a common misconception that often arises when a customer views our gallery and sees a pink or blue or red box and assumes colored print boxes are available stocked on a shelf in assorted sizes ready to deliver. Board color is only available in two “standard” colors, as either White or Kraft (Brown), so any box in full color has been printed over the white or natural kraft in what is referred to as a Flood Coat. A true flood coat by definition is typically 75% or more edge to edge coverage and is most commonly a one color reverse print over white. In other cases, there may be 100% coverage, utilizing a second or third color to overprint.

A reverse print is a method of applying ink to essentially display the opposite foreground and background colors, where one ink color is used and the board in contrast creates a second color, adding pop while only requiring the use of one print plate and minimizing cost. Reverse prints can be equally effective on Kraft board when a dark, complimentary color such as black is used, creating a beautiful two color result and delivering the all important WOW factor that your customers will admire and appreciate.


Want to know about Printed Box Cost? There are a variety of custom printing options available at your disposal, and one of our branded packaging advisors is standing by ready to discuss them all with you. Please contact Salazar Packaging for more information or call us at 630-551-1700 for a no cost, no obligation and confidential application review.