Posted on July 2, 2019 by Michael Boik

New Digital Box Printer Packaging Blog!

Since launching our Digital Box Printer website in November of 2017, we have learned quite a lot about what we didn’t know then in comparison to what we know now. Admittedly, we are still learning, but as we continue to grow in our knowledge of digital print capabilities, we wish to continue to do what we have always done—share that knowledge with you the entrepreneur, businessowner or potential startup.

As such, we’ve decided to add a third packaging blog to our existing lineup which already includes a Salazar Packaging Blog and Green Packaging Group Blog.  While the content among the three will obviously all share certain common elements and threads of information, our goal will be to present you with three distinct avenues to best acquire the information you need, and the resources to answer all of your questions as you navigate each site.

Some of the first topics we wanted to cover were the eco-friendly aspects of digital printing, as well as when digital printing is and is not likely the best option for your needs.

Our newest packaging blog can be found here. You will find our first three posts as the top 3 links you see below.


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