Posted on February 13, 2013 by Michael Boik

Save Big Money on Sustainable Packaging with Custom Inserts for Stock Mailer Boxes

CUSTOM INSERTS IN STOCK MAILER BOXESThe variety of internal and protective green packaging options we offer continues to grow as we indentify new materials that can be easily and inexpensively customized to fit a wide variety of products and applications. The cost can be minimized even more when the inserts are engineered to fit into one of our existing stock boxes to avoid additional tooling (mold or cutting die) costs.

The advantages of internal and protective packaging

In most cases compared to void fill materials or wraps like bubble or foam packaging, custom inserts can:

  1. Save labor by reducing packing time
  2. Immobilizing the product being shipped more effectively with minimal packaging materials
  3. Avoid damage claims and customer complaints
  4. Reduce shipping weight in many cases

Typical box insert examples

The photo above shows a good sampling of some of the most popular insert variations we offer. From left to right they are:

  1. Soft polyurethane type foam pads for maximum cushioning
  2. Molded pulp for highest “eco-obvious” rating and great product retention
  3. Rigid foam panels including biodegradable versions for temperature control (shippable cooler) applications
  4. Removable die cut corrugated insert for maximum flexibility (different products, different inserts, all shipping in the same box)
  5. Built in corrugated insert to save time, and eliminate packaging SKU’s when only one shape and size of product is being shipped

Every application differs

The question is often asked about which solution and insert is “best” but the answer varies depending on a number of customer specifics. What, how and where you ship is just the beginning and other factors include whether it is a long term, ongoing need or a onetime event that is not likely to repeat? Other major considerations are overall volume and product size and shape variations.

There is much to consider but we make the process as easy as possible with a no cost, no obligation application review. Please contact us and visit to see the other products and services we offer.

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